Colombia FAC T 6C Texan II 640Colombian Air Force opts for more T-6 Texan IIs

The Fuerza Aérea Colombiana (FAC, Colombian Air Force) opts for more Beechcraft T-6C Texan II training aircraft and may eventually receive 24 aircraft.

On 20 October 2020, Scramble Magazine reported on the selection of the T-6C as the new advanced training aircraft. The Texan II will replace the Cessna T-37B Tweet which is already in use since 1969 as the advanced training aircraft. Scramble Magazine has knowledge of a firm order for eight aircraft, of which two (serials FAC2350 and FAC2351) have been delivered on 12 July 2021.

The new training aircraft are operated by Escuadrón de Combate 116 Tweet (ESCOM 116), which is based at Palanquero. Originally Scramble Magazine thought the Texan IIs were to be operated by the Marco Fidel Suarez Military Aviation School (EMAVI) (Spanish: Escuela Militar de Aviación "Marco Fidel Suarez") in Calí.

The commander of the air force, General Ramsés Rueda Rueda, publicly stated that the FAC will be equipped with 24 Texan training aircraft. The announcement was reported in the institutional programme 'A Volar' broadcast on 28 August, highlighting the importance of this acquisition that will allow maintaining the high level of training of future FAC pilots.

The serials of the new trainers are: FAC2350 to FAC2357. The allocated construction numbers are still not known. If you have more information, please let us know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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