Chad Air Force Hurkus C 640Chad Air Force unveils new aircraft

In a video posted by the Chad Ministry of Defence on 10 July 2023, the Armée de l'Air Tchadienne (Chad Air Force) showed its new equipment to the president of the Republic of Chad, Mahamat Déby.

The video showed twoTAI Hürkuş-C Close Air Support (CAS) aircraft, serials TT-QAV and TT-QAW, with a third one in the background, that later turned out to be TT-QAX. Also two TAI Anka Unmanned Aerial Systems were seen, serials 21-062 and 22-080.

All aircraft were in full Chad Air Force markings. For the two Anka UAS, the serials as noted on the aircraft are normally used by the Turkish Armed Forces, so if the two Ankas will be reregistered is not known at this moment.

Chad was the second African nation after Niger to acquire the next generation Hürkuş-C aircraft. At the Farnborough Air Show 2022, TUSAŞ confirmed that an undisclosed number of the type had been sold to the country for use with the air force. It is reported that Chad will receive three Hürkuş-C aircraft.

Chad Air Force Anka S 320The Hürkuş-C is the armed version for the close air support role in addition to pilot training missions. It has a maximum weapons load of 3,300lb (1,500kg) and also carries a forward-looking infrared (FLIR) sensor. It is capable of operating from unprepared runways.

The Anka-S UAS is a serial production configuration of the TAI Anka. It is equipped with a SATCOM antenna and a national flight control computer. Like the Block A and the Block B versions, the Anka-S will be powered by Thielert Centurion 2.0S engine.

Photo: screen capture of Chad MoD video

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