US 706th AGRS F 16C credit trigger treats 640Cajuns are ramping up with notorious LV code

Since mid-November 2023, the 706th Aggressor Squadron 'Cajuns', part of Air Force Reserve Command's 926th Wing, has begun applying the LV code on their F-16 Fighting Falcon tails. In May, Scramble Magazine first wrote about the 706th Fighter Squadron that was redesignated as the 706th Aggressor Squadron at Nellis AFB (NV).

The LV 'Las Vegas' tailcode has been used before at Nellis. Being a notorious code, it was applied to Nellis based 4451st Tactical Squadron/4450th Tactical Group A-7D Corsair IIs. Throughout most of the eighties, the Corsairs were used as shadow aircraft to overt train F-117A Nighthawk pilots while they still operated the latter aircraft covert. In 1984, to familiarise Nighthawk pilots in and over European airspace, four LV coded A-7Ds were deployed to RAF Bentwaters (UK). Two years later, another six were deployed to RAF Woodbridge (UK).

Scramble Magazine assesses that most of the (future) LV coded F-16s will be former TX and WA coded examples. The first LV coded F-16C, with serial number 86-0222, was noted during mid-November. It was since followed by 85-1467 and 85-1479. More former TX F-16Cs are now awaiting the LV code to be applied: 85-1472, 85-1474 (as 457FS), 85-1493, 85-1501 and 86-0219.

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