Croatia MiG 21 166 LDVC 10Jun18 Robert Erenstein 640Breaking: crash Croatian Air Force MiG-21UM

On 6 December 2022 around 13:30 hrs LT, a Hrvatske Zračne Snage (Croatian Air Force) MiG-21UM crashed whilst operating in a 4-ship formation. The other MiGs returned to base.

The two-seater, operated by 191. Eskadrila Lovačkih Aviona (191st Fighter Squadron), came down somewhere between Daruvar and Slatina, about 115km southeast of Pleso air base (Zagreb/Franjo Tudjman). Both pilots managed to eject and are safe.

The identity of the MiG-21UM is reported as 164 (c/n 516969001). According to the Scramble database, the Croatian Air Force has eight MiG-21s in her inventory of which four were MiG-21UM.

The cause of the accident has been reported as an engine failure, but this has not yet been confirmed.

Photo (just illustrative) by Robert Erenstein (Scramble Archive)

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