Bulgaria BVVS MiG 29 Rene Sleegers 640Breaking: crash Bulgarian Air Force MiG-29

On 9 June 2021, at around 00:45 hrs (LT), a MiG-29 from the Bulgarski Voenno Vzdushnu Sili (BVVS, Bulgarian Air Force) lost radio contact, disappeared from the radar and crashed into the Black Sea. The aircraft is reported to be MiG-29A serial 39, but this has not been confirmed yet.

A Search and Rescue (SAR) mission was started by the air force, the navy, the Border Police and the Joint Special Operations Command. According to local sources the pilot did not survive the crash and a live jacket was found this morning. The official authorities have not yet confirmed the crash.

The MiG-29 took off from Graf Ignatievo Air Base to perform a night shooting mission as part of the tactical exercise Shabla 2021. Also three Serbian Air Force MiG-29s from Batajnica are temporary based at Graf Ignatievo for this exercise. The exercise has been suspended.

Bulgaria Shabla 2021 exercise 320The Minister from Defence, Georgi Panayotov, and admiral from Defence Emil Eftimov are on their way to the area where the accident happened. Former Minister of Defence, Krassimir Karakachanov, said “Let the competent commission appointed by the Air Force do its job, because everything else is speculation. The pilot is not an inexperienced person, but the night shooting over the sea is an extremely difficult exercise”.

According to the Scramble Magazine database, the BVVS operates twelve MiG-29s of which three are MiG-29UB twin seaters. All the MiG-29s belong to 3.IAB and are based at Graf Ignatievo, central Bulgaria.

As soon as more information is available Scramble Magazine will update this news item.

Photo (just illustrative) by René Sleegers

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