Guatemala FAG 143 Bell 429 credit FAG 640Bell 429s for Guatemala

Just after celebrating its 102nd anniversary last weekend with an air show at Guatemala City-La Aurora on 10 December 2023, the Fuerza Aérea de Guatemala (FAG, Guatemalan Air Force) received a new addition, a Bell 429 helicopter on 12 December.

Its purchase was first announced in September, and its delivery had been expected to take place this year. The Bell 429 Global Ranger arrived after a long delivery flight from the US at La Aurora airport, Guatemala City, where the official hand over took place. A second Bell 429 is exptected in 2024.

The serial of the first helicopter is 143 (msn 57483, ex N911YJ) and it will be used as a presidential transport by the Escuadrón Presidencial (the Presidential squadron).

Guatemala FAG patch 320The FAG has a long history of operating Bell helicopters in a variety of roles. Just late last year, two brand new Bell 412EPX were delivered to the air force which are used in a variety of roles. Other Bell helicopter types in use with the FAG are five Bell 206, two Bell 212, one Bell 407, and a handful of Bell UH-1H Hueys.

Credit photo: Fuerza Aerea de Guatemala

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