WB N2072 Erik Frikke 640Another Lockheed Electra junior down

It is sometimes said that lightning does not strike twice, but this week it did. On 17 June 2024 Lockheed 12A N2072 (1208) crashed into a tree during an attempt to land at Seven Lakes airport in Jackson (GA), USA. The accident happened one day after the tragic crash of Lockheed 12A N93R on which Scramble reported here.

The two people onboard of the 1936 built N2072 could be saved thanks to the immediate reaction of the local emergency services, but were seriously injured.

As usual several theories can be found on the internet (including a conspiracy !), but only a thorough NTSB investigation can reveal the cause of the crash.

Photo: Erik Frikke via AirHistory.net

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