UK AAC Gazelle ZB690 credit Ollie Owen 640AAC 665 Squadron Swan Song

On 10, 11 and 12 October 2023, three-ship farwell flights are planned by Army Air Corps (AAC) 665 squadron (JHC FS Aldergrove) across the United Kingdom. It is planned that Gazelle AH1s XZ320, ZA775 and ZB690 will be used for these flights.

Upon completion of these flights, the three helicopters will head for Fleetlands on 12 October 2023. There they will join other former 665 squadron Gazelle AH1 helicopters, including ZB665 and ZB693 which arrived on 3 October pending disposal.

Once 665 squadron has retired its Gazelle helicopters, only 7Regt Conversion Flight at AAC Middle Wallop still uses a handful of these helicopters. About half a dozen Gazelles are used by this unit for pilot training. A sad number compared to the total of 212 helicopters of this type which were delivered to the Army Air Corps.

Credit photo: Ollie Owen (via

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