A Pakistan Air Force aircraft crashed

A Pakistan Fiza'ya (PAF, Pakistan Air Force) JF-17 Thunder crashed during a training mission in the Pindigheb area in the Attock District (Pakistan) on 15 September 2020. Luckily, the sole pilot was able to eject and landed safely with his parachute. The aircraft caused no damage to people or infrastructure on the ground.

The JF-17, serial 17-241 (c/n 2P41), was operating out of Minhas air base (Pakistan) as part of the 33 (Tactical) Wing that is equipped with two squadrons of Thunders; 14(AS)sq “Tail Choppers” and 16(MR)sq “Black Panthers”. According to the Scramble Magazine database, the Thunder was operated by 14(AS)sq.

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