NL 312sq F 16 at Volkel credit VlbVolkel 640312 Squadron Elephant Walk

On Friday 8 December 2023, during slightly poor weather conditions, fourteen F-16AM Fighting Falcons from 312 Squadron Audax Cum Consilio (Courageous with Advice) gathered on the runway at Volkel Air Base (Netherlands) to perform an 'Elephant Walk'.

After this 'walk', which was the final one for 312sq with the F-16, thirteen fighters took to the air.

This training event demonstrated the squadron's response readiness to generate combat airpower. According to the Koninklijke Luchtmacht (KLu, Royal Netherlands Air Force) the event was called a 'gereedstellings oefening'.

This is the second 'elephant walk' performed by 312sq. The first one was held on 3 November 2021, also with fourteen F-16s.

The following F-16AMs participated in the event:

J-003*, J-008, J-013, J-015, J-016, J-020*, J-021**, J-055, J-062, J-136, J-146, J-197, J-367, J-512, J-515 and J-516

*) stayed behind at the aircraft stand
**) taxied back after the elephant walk

NL 312sq F 16 at Volkel ramp overview 1 credit VlbVolkel 560 NL 312sq F 16 at Volkel ramp overview 2 credit VlbVolkel 560

Credit photos: Koninkijke Luchtmacht, Vliegbasis Volkel (@VlbVolkel)

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