Show Reports January 2024

SHOW F 15 42 8945 ROAH 10Dec23 Reinier Schreurs 1150

Local based 304 Hikotai F-15J 42-8945 was adorned with markings specially applied for the Churashima Air Festival 2023. (Reinier Schreurs)

You can approach the show reports via the links which have been added. We do not provide links of updated show reports as these updates can vary too much from a single comma to the addition of new serials.

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The reports include the date, displayed as YYYYMMDD, the airport or location, and the url to the show report database. The reports are sorted by date, with the most recent at the top. In the case of a multi-day period, we state the first date in the overview below, but in the show report itself you can see which period is being covered.

Show reports October until December 2023

20231216 Hyakuri, Japan
20231210 Naha, Japan
20231203 Nyatabaru, Japan
20231126 Tsuiki, Japan

Show reports before October 2023

20230923 Koblenz-Metternich, Germany
20230520 Salon de Provence, France
19890809 St. Mawgan, United Kingdom
19890729 Brawdy, United Kingdom
19880828 Leicester, United Kingdom
19880728 Brawdy, United Kingdom
19880625 Woodford, United Kingdom
19870920 Cranfield, United Kingdom
19870830 Leicester, United Kingdom
19870628 North Weald, United Kingdom
19870627 Woodford, United Kingdom
19860914 Duxford, United Kingdom
19860913 St. Athan, United Kingdom
19860806 St. Mawgan, United Kingdom
19860724 Brawdy, United Kingdom
19860705 Stafford, United Kingdom
19850825 Leicester, United Kingdom
19840528 Birmingham IAP, United Kingdom
19710731 Middle Wallop, United Kingdom

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