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Albacete 2024

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Albacete (Spain)

50 aniversario ala 14 Albacete

16 June 2024

AE.9-01/23-23 SF-5M Ala 23  
AE-9-17/23-10 SF-5M Ala 23 70 Anos Special tail art
C.14C-86/14-75 Mirage F1DDA   Stored
C.15-51/12-09 EF-18M ex Ala 12  
CE.16-12/14-12 EF2000(T) Ala 14  
C.16-62/14-62 EF2000 Ala 14  
E.25-28/79-28 CASA 101EB 794 Esc Special 30 Anos tail marks
E.27-24/792-24 PC-21 792 Esc  
HD.29-21/803-21 NH90-TTH 803 Esc  
HE.26-32A/78-32 H135M 781 Esc  
TK.23-14/31-34 A400M Ala 31 50th Anniversary tail marks
Hanger 3:
C.16-36/14-36 EF2000 Ala 14  
C.16-58/14-58 EF2000 Ala 14  
C.16-78/14-78 EF2000 Ala 14  
C.16-44/14-44 EF2000 Ala 14  
(C.16-31/14-31) EF2000 Ala 14 Special 142Sqn tiger tail scheme
Typhoon Show Hanger:
C.16-67/14-67 EF2000 Ala 14  
CE.16-12/14-12 EF2000(T) Ala 14  
(Rear of hanger behind netting)      
C.16-45/14-45 EF2000 Ala 14 Under maintenance
C.16-50/14-50 EF2000 Ala 14 Under maintenance, no engine no canopy
C.16-74/14-74 EF2000 Ala 14 Under maintenance, no engine
Hanger `by the Tower:
C.15-87/46-15 F/A-18A Ala 46 Stored
Hanger display and simulator:
C.16-68/14-68 EF2000 Ala 14  
Flight Line:
C.15-60/12-18 EF-18M Ala 12 Flying
C.15-62/12-62 EF-18M Ala 12  
C.16-59.14-59 EF2000 Ala 14 Flying
C.16-71/14-71 EF2000 Ala 14 Flying
C.16-72/14-72 EF2000 Ala 14 Flying
E.25-86/79-32/1 CASA 101EB 794 Esc Flying
E.25-27/79-27/2 CASA 101EB 794 Esc Flying
E.25-??/79-??/3 CASA 101EB 794 Esc  
E.25-52/794-52/4 CASA 101EB 794 Esc Flying
E.25-44/79-44/5 CASA 101EB 794 Esc Flying
E.25-69/79-97/6 CASA 101EB 794 Esc Flying
E.25-80/794-03/7 CASA 101EB 794 Esc Flying
Flying only:
C.16-64/14-64 EF2000  Ala 14 (Later relocated into the HAS next to the flight line)
C.16-71/14-71 EF2000 Ala 14  
C.16-72/14-72 EF2000 Ala 14  
NR.05-02/233-02 Q-9 Reaper 233 Esc  
UD.13-22/43-22 CL-215T Grupo 43  
C.14C-81/11-08 Mirage F1EDA   gate Maestranza
E.15-30/41-40 T-33A   main gate
E.25-39/79-22 CASA 101EB   gate Maestranza, as 'E.25-22/79-22'
E.3B-521/781-03 CASA 1131E   replica, as "781-03", gate Maestranza
Out Side Tower Building:
C.14-33 Mirage F1M   with HQ bldg, as 'C.14-91/14-91'
C.14C-82 Mirage F1EDA   with HQ bldg, as 'C.14-01/14-58'
Open Store/ Maestranza ramp:
UD.13-25/43-25 CL-215T Grupo 43  
Plus numerous Mirage F-1’s and CASA 101’s      

Credits: Keith Doughty

The show report is from the family day 15 June.

Update: 25 June 2024, Keith Doughty

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