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Bucharest 2015

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Bucharest International Airshow
Date: 20 June 2015
R11-003 Il-78MP 10(MRTT)sq  
97-6391/391 MFI-395 (Kamra)  
2702 C-27J Esc.902 Av.Trans.  
722 IAR99 Soim Esc.951 Aviatie  
106 IAR330M Esc.903 Elic.Trans.  
9611 Lancer C Esc.711 Aviatie Lupta  
81-0988/DM, 82-0647/DM A-10C 354th FS  
97-6394/394 MFI-395 (Kamra)  
1104 An-30 Esc.902 Av.Trans.  
709 IAR99 Soim Esc.951 Aviatia  
57, 122 IAR316B S.A.p.F.A.  
77 IAR330M Esc.903 Elic.Trans.  
109 IAR330L Unitatea Spec.d. Av. MIRA  
108 Mi-17-1V Unitatea Spec.d. Av. MIRA  
ZK353/BQ Typhoon FGR4 29(R)sq  
ZK321/EU Typhoon FGR4 6sq  
ZK331/FE Typhoon FGR4 1sq  
YR-VLC Wilga private  
LY-LJK Su-29 private  
N1857K, LY-WAA Yak-52 Air Bandids  
LY-WAW Yak-52 Air Bandids  
N11FX AH-1 Red Bull  
NF-5A/B*-2000 of the Turkish Stars:
3004, 3025, 3048, 3049, 3058, 4009*, 4026* +1
L-39C of the Baltic Bees:
EA300 of the Romanian Hawks:
The show also featured a number of aircraft from the Romanian Aeroclub.
Flying only:
15106, 15135 F-16AM Esq 201/301  
2707 C-27J Esc.902 Av.Trans.  
6191 C-130H Esc.901 Av.Tr.Strat.  
334 EC 135T1 SMURD  
53, 86 IAR 330 SOCAT Esc.952 Elic.SOCAT  
08, 75, 91, 96 IAR 330L Esc.903 Elic.Trans.  
4x IAR99 Soim Esc.951 Aviatia  
152 +5 IAK-52 S.A.p.F.A.  
172, 9516 Lancer-B Esc.711 Aviatie Lupta  
5834, 6105 Lancer-C Esc.711 Aviatie Lupta  
6518, 6840 Lancer-C Esc.711 Aviatie Lupta  
5724, 6207, 6487 Lancer-C Esc.861 Aviatie Lupta  
6807, 6824 Lancer-C Esc.861 Aviatie Lupta  
BIAS 2015 attracted some very nice aircraft with the Pakistani Il-78 and Super Mushshak and the A-10s arguably being the star items. The show was opened by a parade comprising of three Pumas, four Lancers, four IAR99s and a C-27. During the day twelve out of the 26 remaining Lancers could be seen and the sky was full of Lancers during the day. Four Lancers performed during the opening flypast with four aircraft (5724, 6207, 6487 and 6824) two Lancers (6487 and ….) performed in an air policing exercise with the An-30, two SOCAT Pumas, a MedEvac Puma and the Interior Ministry Puma. Four aircraft (172, 6518, 6840, 9516) took part in the role demo and three solo demonstrations were flown by 6824 in the morning, 6807 in the afternoon and 9516 after 21:15u during which a lot of flares were spent which was spectacular as the show lasted until sunset. The Esc.711 and 6807 from Esc.861 operated from nearby Otopeni. The four IAR99s performed twice in poor weather during the role demo together.

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