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Doha 2018

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Doha (Qatar)

National Day parade & rehearsals

18 December 2017

QA51 Alpha Jet E 11sq 11,18
QA52 Alpha Jet E 11sq 12
QA54, QA55 Alpha Jet E 11sq 11,12,18
QA72 AW139 20sq 12
QA75 AW139 20sq 11,18
QA76 AW139 20sq 11
QA101 AW139 Hamad medical corp 18
QA103 AW139 Hamad medical corp 12,18
A7-MAA, A7-MAE C-17A Transport sq 11,12
A7-MAM, A7-MAP C-17A Transport sq 18
211/MAH C-130J-30 Transport sq 18
213/MAJ C-130J-30 Transport sq 11,18
QA22 Commando 2A 9sq 18
QA31 Commando 3 9sq 18
QA85, QA86 Mir2000-5DDA 7sq 11,12,18
QA87 Mir2000-5DDA 7sq 18
QA90, QA91 Mir2000-5EDA 7sq 11
QA93 Mir2000-5EDA 7sq 11,18
QA97, QA98 Mir2000-5EDA 7sq 18
QA361, QA365 PC-21 Air Academy 11,12,18
QA362, QA363 PC-21 Air Academy 11,18
QA364 PC-21 Air Academy 12,18
QA366, QA367 PC-21 Air Academy 11,12,18
QA368, QA369 PC-21 Air Academy 11,12,18
QA370, QA373 PC-21 Air Academy 11,12,18
QA03, QA06 SA342L(LW) 6sq 11,12,18
QA05 SA342L(LW) 6sq 18
QA07 SA342L(LW) 6sq 11
QA08 SA342L(LW) 6sq 11,12
QA09, QA13 SA342L(LW) 6sq 11,18
QA12 SA342L(LW) 6sq 12,18
QA14 SA342L(LW) 6sq 12
QA300, QA301 Super Mushshak Air Academy 12,13
QA302 Super Mushshak Air Academy 13
QA303 Super Mushshak Air Academy 12,13
CG01, CG02 Europe MTO Sport   18
CG03 Europe MTO Sport   18
112/30-IQ, 119/30-IX Rafale C EC02/03.030 18
ZK312/312, ZK353 Typhoon FGR4 nm 18
88-1682/SJ, 89-0492/SJ F-15E 336th FS 18

The yearly National Day parade over Doha can best be sampled during the practices the days preceding the 18th. During these rehearsals, usually two fly-bys are made and the area is easier to access.

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