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Stavanger-Sola 2024

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Stavanger (Norway)

Sola Airshow 2024

Stavanger Sola airshow

Peter van Oostrum visited the Sola Air Show on 15 June 2024 where he photographed this line-up of Saab MFI-17 Safaris from Luftforsvarets Flygeskolen (Royal Norwegian Air Force Flight School). The Safaris form the demonstration team Yellow Sparrows. (15 June 2024)

15-16 June 2024

312/4-HF Rafale B ETR 03.004  
01 C-17A HAW also flying
60-0335 KC-135R 100 ARW  
130 F-5A Museum a/c  
ET-198 F-16BM FWS  
39825/825 JAS39D Paw markings  
AR-114 S35XD Museum a/c  
062 Sea King Mk43B Instructional Airframe  
60062/62 Sk60A FlygS TEAM 60 mks
0275 AW101 Mk612 330 skv  
14141 Bf109G Museum a/c ex DG+UF Luftwaffe
LN-AAS S91 Private  
LN-BMU F-51D Private USAAF markings, also flying
LN-BSP Spitfire MkXVI Private as RW386 RAF c/s
LN-LMU S91B Private as 337 RNoAF
LN-OJS SA315B Private  
LN-OML Bell 505 Private  
LN-ONT S-92 Bristow  
LN-OUS UH-1E Private as 154777 / Marines, also flying
LN-STC F156A Private as GM+AI Luftwaffe, also flying
N3003B T-6C Beechcraft  

Stavanger Sola airshowF-16 demo was denk ik de eerste in dit nieuwe feest schema.

The Royal Danish Air Force has a new Dannebrog. F-16AM E-006 has taken over this role from the previous Dannebrog F-16, E-191. Commemorating the 50th anniversary of the first flight of the F-16 Fighting Falcon, this aircraft has been painted in a striking color scheme. E-006 will be Denmark's new flying ambassador. The fighter, adorned in the livery of Denmark's national flag 'Dannebrog,' is a source of Danish pride, symbolising the Nordic country's aviation prowess. (Peter van Oostrum, 15 June 2024)

Flying / demo:
(146) /4-GY Rafale C ETR 03.004 Demo c/s  
804 / ‘6’ MFI-17 LFS / Yellow Sparrows  
806 / ‘5’ MFI-17 LFS / Yellow Sparrows  
811 / ‘4’ MFI-17 LFS / Yellow Sparrows  
836 / ‘1’ MFI-17 LFS / Yellow Sparrows  
838 / ‘2’ MFI-17 LFS / Yellow Sparrows  
844 / ‘3’ MFI-17 LFS / Yellow Sparrows  
E-006 F-16AM RDAF F-16 HALF CENTURY markings  
39289/289 JAS39C F7 (June 15)  
39291/291 JAS39C F7 (June 16)  
60096/96 Sk60A FlygS  
0273 AW101 Mk612 330 skv  
LN-AIA Yak 52 Private 09 Yellow, Dosaaf markings
LN-DHY Vampire FB52 Private as WA123/R-A RAF markings
LN-DHZ Vampire T55 Private as PX-M RNoAF markings
LN-MIG SBLim2 Private as 7616/TC-616 USAF markings
LN-SFA Yak 52 Private  
LN-TEX Harvard IIB Private as KF568 RAF markings
LN-VAR N2S-3 Private USN markings
Gate guards:
225 F-5A    
580 UH-1B    

Credits: Peter van Oostrum

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