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Eindhoven 1971

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NL Eindhoven 19710918 K 3029 NF 5A Jo Lodewijks

NF-5A K-3029 had a particularly short operational life. It was retired as early as July 1975, after which it had a second life at Twente air base: first as an instructional airframe with fake number 'TPG-29' and later on as a gate guard. After Twente closed as an active air base, the aircraft was moved to the storage facilities of the Militair Luchtvaart Museum at Soesterberg, but was earmarked for scrapping in 2012. The photo shows K-3029 in better times, operated by 314 Squadron and rolling on the taxitrack of 'De Dijk' flightline at Eindhoven during the Open Day. (18 September 1971, Jo Lodewijks)

Date: 18 September 1971

Made by: Willy Metze, Gijs Hiltermann, Alan Macey, Coen

Updated: 30 November 2003, 12 November 2022 by Jo Lodewijks

K4003                 NF-5B                        NO.314 SQN 
K4011                 NF-5B 
K4014                 NF-5B                        NO.314 SQN 
K4015                 NF-5B                        NO.314 SQN 
K3008                 NF-5A                        NO.315 SQN 
K3015                 NF-5A                        NO.314 SQN 
K3018                 NF-5A                        NO.314 SQN 
K3026		      NF-5A                        NO.314 SQN 
K3027                 NF-5A                        NO.314 SQN 
K3029                 NF-5A                        NO.314 SQN 
K3033                 NF-5A                        NO.314 SQN 
K3049                 NF-5A                        NO.314 SQN 
D6700                 F-104G                       NO.312 SQN 
D8047                 F-104G                       NO.312 SQN 
D8243                 F-104G                       NO.312 SQN 
D8257                 F-104G                       NO.312 SQN 
D8281                 F-104G                       NO.312 SQN 
D8115                 F-104G                       NO.322 SQN 
55-4952   M41         T-33A                        NO.313 SQN TVO 
51-4151   M42         T-33A                        NO.313 SQN TVO 
51-4384   M50         T-33A                        NO.313 SQN TVO 
	  P-164       F-84F                        NO.314 SQN 
	  P-192       F-84F                        NO.314 SQN 
	  P-200       F-84F                        NO.314 SQN 
53-6742   P-231       F-84F                        NO.314 SQN 
	  TB-1	      F-84G			   GATE GUARD
C-4		      F27-300M			   NO.334 SQN
1227      A227        Alouette 3                   NO.    SQN 
          H81         Alouette 3                   SAR FLT 
          R158        L-21B 
54-2457   R167        L-21B                        Base Flight
	  E3	      S11 
6270      E27         S11                          EVOS 
55-3485   S1          BEAVER                       NO.300 SQN 
	  S6	      BEAVER
68-0413	  CR	      F-4E			   32TFS
68-0444   CR          F-4E                         32TFS 

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