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Eindhoven 1967

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Eindhoven (Netherlands)

Open Dag

8 September 1967

0-61014 F-102A 32nd FIS  
D-8066 F-104G 306sq  
E-22 S-11    
M-33 T-33A    
P-173/53-6688 F-84F    
P-239/53-6756 F-84F    
P-157/..-…. F-84F    
P-172/53-6678 F-84F    
P-201/53-6534 F-84F   Whiskey Four 67
P-234/53-6621 F-84F    
P-259/53-6797 F-84F    
P-263/53-6780 F-84F    
Flightline 315sq shelter area:
D-8… F-104G    
N-279 Hunter    
P-205/53-6567 F-84F    
B-194 AT-16ND    
P-138/..-…. F-84F   Dismanteld
Maintenance hangar:
P-268/53-6893 F-84F 315sq  
B-164 AT-16ND    
E-11 S-11    
E-30 S-11    
E-31 S-11    
H-75 SE3160 SAR FLT  
M-9 T-33A    
M-16 T-33A    
M-39 T-33A    
M-54 T-33A    
N-264 Hunter F6    
P-200/..-…. F-84F   Whiskey Four 67
P-228/53-6611 F-84F   Whiskey Four 67
R-159 L-21B    
Gate Guard:
K-85 F-84G   as TB-1

Credits: Gijs Hiltermann

Updated: 4 February 2024, Internet, Stephan Lodewijks;

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