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Hosea Kutako 2015

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Hosea Kutako International airport Trustco Namibia Int. Air Show
Date: 1-8-2015
0315, 0317 F-7NM 23sq  
H-707 SA316B (HAL) 151sq  
NAF-6-506, NAF-6-508 K-8 AWTS  
NDF97-639 Y12-II    
V5-HNM AB139 Gvmt  
V5-HNP AS350B3 Police Air Wing  
V5-HPA AS350B3 Police Air Wing  
V5-HPB EC-145 Police Air Wing  
N72FT/QP-X P-51D ex RCAF 9237 as 411661
V5-HUE TH-1L ex USN 157816  
ZU-AUJ Hunter F6A ex RAF XE653 yellow c/s
ZU-AYS/1 AT-6D ex SAAF 7475  
ZU-BCR Buccaneer S2B ex RAFXW987 black c/s
ZU-BET/2 AT-6C ex SAAF 7695  
ZU-BEU/3 AT-6C ex SAAF 7188  
ZU-BMC/4 AT-6D ex SAAF 7609  
ZU-FOY T-28D ex 50-0283 as SVAF 50273
ZU-JLM An-2R    
ZU-KIM L-39C as 116 (red) 330210


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