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Marrakech 2016

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Marrakech-Ménara (Morocco)

Salon Int’l de l’Aeronautique et du Spatial

27 - 30 April 2016

123/30-GB Rafale C EC02.030  
0218 M-28B/PT-1TD 12.el departed 29 AJG004-01
15211 Alpha Jet A Esq103 special colours
15236 Alpha Jet A Esq103 special marks
2889 Bell-407GX Group 28 (UAE JAC) 54572
ZM406 Atlas C1 70sq special marks
07-8614/RS C-130J-30 37th AS  
58-0100 KC-135R (351st ARS)  
CN-AJM/13 AB205A-1 EdH 1 4243
235 Alpha Jet H(MVI) CIPC  
CN-AMP/MP C-27J EdT (4)153
CN-ALK/K CH-47D   M3303
CN-ATP/TP CL415MP EdT 2087
08-8012 F-16C EdC 6 ‘Atlas’  
(CN-B)TI/09 T-6C EdP PM-9
113/(CN-AHC) AS565MB 11 Flotille 6622
CN-AIZ AS355F1 Gendarmerie Royale 5248
CN-BZL EC135T2+ Gendarmerie Royale 0986
CN-BZE EC145 Gendarmerie Royale 9344
CN-TWH S2R-T34 Gendarmerie T34-111DC
CN-AZZ S2R-T660 Gendarmerie T660-121DC
CN-AIN SA330L Gendarmerie Royale 1500
CN-AZE SE3130 Gendarmerie Royale 1428
CN-AHT Titan Tornado II Gendarmerie Royale 380
CN-RGR ERJ190AR Royal Air Maroc departed 28apr
CN-TPJ Tecnam P2006T CFPNC 85
D-CAWX Ce680 Aerowest GmbH 680-0535
EC-LUM Tecnam P2006T (also OE-FIN) A.185
F-HRAY Falcon 900LX Dassault Aviation 288
N139KQ Kodiak 100 SkyQuest Aircraft 100-0139
N239KF Beech 250 Beechcraft Corp. BY-239
N265CZ Ce208B Textron Av. 208B-5265
N450GA G450 Gulfstream Aerosp. 4331
N630LA AT-6C Beechcraft Corp. AT-003
N650GA G650ER Gulfstream Aerosp. 6161
N895EE EMB550 Embraer departed 28apr
N4247U AT-802U Air Tractor Inc. 802-4001
OE-VFT DA42MPP Diamond Aircraft 42.379
PT-ZNV A-29B Embraer 31400321
The CN-AIZ was towed to the flightline in the afternoon of the 29th, the M28 departure      
in the morning of the 29th. The KC-135 was marked with AMC titles, a AMC and ANG badge,      
on the tankerboom and nose 92ARW and 141ARW markings, but engine covers with a large ‘D’.      
It just returned from an overhaul and so it was not painted yet with the 351st ARS markings.      
The construction number of the Alouette 2 CN-AZE was read from a paper in the cockpit and the      
same for the c/n of the Titan Tornado and c/n and code of the AS565MB. The EC-135 CN-BZL was      
moved to the flightlines on the 29th, while the UAE Bell-407 left onboard the C-17A on the 30th.      
Hangar (static):
(CN-ACM) SA342L SA342L 1936
The Gazelle was unmarked and in primer c/s and only the construction number was read on the      
c/n-plate in the cockpit.      
1217 L-100-30 C130 sq  
1208 P180 GHQ SAR Wing  
CN-ALJ/J CH-47D    
CN-ARG/07 SA330F EdH1  
CN-ARJ/10 SA330L EdH1 dep 28apr
CN-ARZ/26 SA330L EdH1 dep 28apr
CN-AIY AS355F1 Gendarmerie Royale 5247
CN-BZI AS550A2 Gendarmerie Royale 2458
CAP232, Marche Verte (only 27 & 28 April):
CN-ABT/37/1, CN-ABR/31/2, CN-ABU/41/3, CN-ABV/42/4,      
CN-ABQ/29/5, CN-ABP/28/6, CN-ABX/44/7, CN-ABW/43/-      
CASA 101EB, Patrulla Aguila (* = spec. mrks):
E.25-21/79-21/1, E.25-08/79-08/2, E.25-32/79-34/3, E.25-13/79-13/5,      
E.25-86/79-32/6, E.25-38/79-38/7, E.25-06/79-06/8, E.25-87/79-29*      
MB339NAT, Al Fursan
440/1, 442/2, 430/3, 432/4, 436/4, 434/5, 437/6, 439/7, 441/7      
MB339A/PAN*-MB339A/PAN(MLU), 313° Gr AA Frecce Tricolore
MM54551/1, MM54517/2, MM54473/3*, MM55052/4, MM54505/5*      
MM54534/6, MM55053/7, MM54518/8, MM54539/9, .../0      
Hangar (closed to public):
(CN-B)TM/13 T-6C EdP dep 28apr
(CN-BT)P/16, (CN-B)TR/18 T-6C EdP arr 29apr
(CN-B)TS/19 T-6C EdP arr 29apr
(CN-B)TB/02, (CN-B)TC/03 T-6C EdP  
(CN-B)TC/04, (CN-B)TJ/10 T-6C EdP  
(CN-B)TK/11, (CN-B)TL/12 T-6C EdP  
(CN-B)TN,14, (CN-B)TO/15 T-6C EdP  
CN-AUA, CN-AUB, CN-AUC AS202/18-A1 stored  
CN-AUD, CN-AUE, CN-AUJ AS202/18-A1 stored  
CN-AUK, CN-AUL, CN-AUM AS202/18-A1 stored  
CN-AUN, +1 (AUH or AUI) AS202/18-A1 stored  
CN-ABH, +1 (CN-ABG) CAP C10 stored  
Preserved/stored around base:
(0-37862)/862 C119G preserved white c/s
... CM170 preserved near static red c/s
... (2x) CM170 preserved on pole white/blue c/s
... CM170 preserved on pole white/red c/s
(226) CM170 preserved on pole white/red c/s
... MH1521 preserved behind flightline  
... MiG-15UTI preserved near gate  
(01) MiG-17F preserved near gate yellow c/s
... Sea Fury FB11 preserved behind flightline  
28 T-6G stored behind flightline silver c/s
... T-6G preserved behind flightline y/gn c/s
... T-6G preserved behind flightline black c/s
Plus eleven T-34s (all bagged), thirteen T-37s (all bagged) and 9 CM-170s. In total seven Harvards      
were counted, the ones above were three of them      
Flypast 26 April:
08-8007, 08-8009 F-16C EdC 6 ‘Atlas’  
08-8013, 08-8014 F-16C EdC 6 ‘Atlas’  
Flypast 27 April:
08-8007, 08-8009 F-16C EdC 6 ‘Atlas’  
08-8013, 08-8014 F-16C EdC 6 ‘Atlas’  
Flypast 30 April:
08-8003, 08-8007 F-16C EdC 6 ‘Atlas’  
08-8013, 08-8016 F-16C EdC 6 ‘Atlas’  
CM-02 Falcon 20E 21sq 27apr
R93/61-ZK C-160R ET00.064 1,2may
MM62202 P180AM 71° Gruppo GE 26-30apr
T.10-08/31-05 C-130H Ala31 camo c/s 1may
TR.20-01/403-11 Ce560 403Esc 27-28apr
A7-HHH A340-541 Qatar Amiri Fl. 26-27apr
1228 C-17A Heavy Tr. sq. 28-30apr
1230 C-17A Heavy Tr. sq. 26apr
99-0402 C-37A 76th AS 29apr
CN-AMO C-27J EdT 3 27apr
CN-AMP C-27J EdT 3 2-5may
CN-AOE/OE C-130H EdT 1may
CN-AOR/OR KC-130H EdT 1may
CN-AMB/MB CN235M-100 EdT 3 28,29,30apr,1may
CN-AMG/MG CN235M-100 EdT 3 white c/s 26,27apr
CN-ANO Falcon 50 EdT (VIP) 27,28,29apr
CN-TWY Beech 350 Gendarmerie Royale 27apr
CN-AIT AS365N Gendarmerie Royale 27apr

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