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Langkawi 2017 (1)

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Langkawi (1) (Malaysia)


17-20 March 2017

A9-751 AP-3C 11Sqn  
A41-209 C-17A 36sq  
470/91-CA C-135FR GRV02.091  
319/4HN Rafale B ETR03.004  
142/4-GU Rafale C EC01.004  
MM62298/41-03 P-72A 41ºStormo/88ºGruppo  
067 AH-64D 120sq  
8319 F-15SG 149sq  
Kh20-6/54/70106 JAS-39C 701sq  
Kh20-12/56/70112 JAS-39C 701sq  
59-1470 KC-135R 93rd ARW  
166887/NF-110 F/A-18F VFA-102  
166890/NF-112 F/A-18F VFA-102  
168439/439 P-8A VP-10  
M23-37 S61A-4 5Skn  
M30-14 C-130H-30 14Skn  
M44-01 CN235-220M 21Skn  
M45-06 F/A-18D 18Skn  
M52-18 Su-30MKM 11Skn  
M55-01, M55-02 EC725AP 10Skn  
M55-10, M55-12 EC725AP 10Skn  
M70-02, M70-03 AS365N3 APMM  
M71-01, M72-02 CL-415MP APMM  
M72-01, M72-02 AW139 APMM  
M81-07 A109LOH 881 Rejimen  
M501-4, M501-6 S. Lynx Mk300 501Skn  
M502-2, M502-4 AS555SN 502Skn  
9M-BOD AW139 Bomba  
9M-PMB AW139 Polis Diraja  
9M-PTA Beech 350 Polis Diraja  
F-HRAY Falcon 900LX Dassault Aviation  
HS-JCN EC130T2   n/t
I-PDVP P180 Piaggio  
N1022W Ce340   n/t
OY-MHM Falcon 900LX Air Alsie  
OY-TSS Falcon 7X Air Alsie  
RF-78833 Il-76MD Russia AF  
KT-1B SkaDik102/Team Jupiter
LL-0104/7, LL-0106/3, LL-0110/1, LL-0113/5, LL-0115/4, LL-0116/2,      
T-50B 239 (Aerobatic) Squadron/Black Eagles
10-0051/5, 10-0052/8, 10-0055/2, 10-0056/3, 10-0057/6, 10-0058/1,      
10-0059/7, 10-0060, 15-0083/4      
Su-30SM Russian Knights
31, 32, 33, 34, 35      
Polis Area
9M-PHB AS355F2 Polis Diraja  
Airpower demo LIMA
M40-04, M40-05 +1 Hawk Mk108 15Skn  
M40-25 Hawk Mk208 15Skn  
M40-32 Hawk Mk208 6Skn  
M45-02, M45-07 +1 F/A-18D 18Skn  
M50-01, M50-02, M50-03 PC-7 MkII 1FTC  
M50-05, M50-07, M50-08 PC-7 MkII 1FTC  
M50-09 PC-7 MkII 1FTC  
M52-09, M52-11 Su-30MKM 11Skn  
M54-02, M54-03, M54-04 A400M 22Skn  
M55-01, M55-02, M55-12 EC725AP 10Skn  
A-1328 L-100-30 SkU31  
A-1335 C-130H SkU32  
734 KC-130H 122sq  
L8-12/35/60112 C-130H-30 601sq  
2112/(HS-NVA) ERJ135LR 201sq  
M30-06, M30-14 C-130H-30 14Skn  
M30-12 C-130H-30 20Skn  
M44-06 CN235-220M 21Skn  
M44-08 CN235-220M 2Skn  
M48-02 Global Express 2Skn  
M101-2 Beech 350i PLTT  
M102-01 Lj35A PLTT  
9M-BOC AW139 Bomba  
9M-NAA A319-115(ACJ) 2Skn  
9M-PMC AW139 Polis Diraja  
9M-PTB, 9M-PTC Beech 350 Polis Diraja  
9M-PSL Ce208 Polis Diraja  
A7-MBK A320-232(ACJ) Qatar Amiri Flight  

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