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Langkawi 2007

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Date: 4-8 December 2007

Made by:


A8-145 		F-111C 		6sq
A9-751 		AP-3C 		11sq
A97-440 	C-130J-30 	37sq
2555/SF 	EC725AP 	EH01.067
95-6710 	C-130H 		130th AS WV ANG
FM1125 		CL-41G 		pres, TUDM mus.    
FM1902          CA-27 Mk32 	pres, TUDM mus.
M32-29          A-4PTM 		pres, TUDM mus.    
M23-04          S-61A-4 	3Skn              
M29-20          RF-5E 		12Skn               
M30-11          C-130H-30 	20Skn           
M34-03          MB339AM 	15Skn             
M40-26          Hawk 208 	6Skn             
M43-09          MiG-29N 	19Skn             
M44-04          CN235-220M 	21Skn          
M45-01          F/A-18D 	18Skn             
M50-01          PC-7 Mk2 	3FTC             
M50-19          PC-7 Mk2 	3FTC             
M52-02          Su-30MKM 	11Skn            
M70-02          AS365N3 	APMM              
M81-09          A109LOH 	881Skn 		in hangar  
M81-11          A109LOH 	881Skn            
M501-4          S Lynx Mk300 	501Skn       
M502-1          AS555SN 	502Skn            
M994-01 	Mi-17-1V 	BOMBA
M994-04 	Mi-171 		BOMBA
9M-BOB 		A109E 		BOMBA
9M-PHF 		AS355N 		Polis 		in hangar
9M-PSN 		Ce208 		Polis
9M-PSO 		Ce208 		Polis
RA-86570 	IL-62M 		Russian Gvmt
The American Hercules was the support aircraft for the Red Arrows.

M30-12 		C-130H-30 	20Skn
M30-15 		C-130H-30 	20Skn
M43-06, M43-08 	MiG-29N 	19Skn
M43-13, M43-18 	MiG-29N         19Skn
M45-03, M45-04 	F/A-18D         18Skn
M45-05, M45-07 	F/A-18D         18Skn
M45-08 		F/A-18D         18Skn
M52-04 		Su-30MKM 	11Skn
M52-05 		Su-30MKM 	11Skn
M994-02 	Mi-17-1V 	BOMBA

The Surya Kiran team (52sq) of the Indian Air Force with HJT-16 Kiran Mk2s:
U2460   U2464   U2470   U2471   U2472
U2481   U2484   U2487   U2491   U2492
U2510   U2520                     

And the Red Arrows with the following Hawk T1/T1A(#)/T1W($)s:
XX227#  XX233   XX237   XX242   XX253#
XX260#  XX264#  XX266#  XX292$  XX294 +1

Visitors 4-8 December:
A8-138 		F-111C 		6sq 		5, 7, 8 (am)
A8-140 		F-111C 		6sq 		4, 8 (pm)
K2715 		An-32 		Indian AF 	8
K2753 		An-32 		Indian AF 	8
712 		Fokker 50UTA 	121sq/SingapAF 	5
76-0171 	C-12C 		USE Jakarta 	5
165152/RG 	C-20G 		VR-51 		7
M30-01 		C-130T 		20Skn 		4
M30-09 		C-130H-MP 	20Skn 		4
M30-10 		C-130H-30 	14Skn 		4
M30-15 		C-130H-30 	20Skn 		4
M44-06 		CN235-220M 	21Skn 		7
M53-01 		B737-7H6 	2Skn 		5, 8
Hercules M30-01 did an air-to-air refuelling demo with two
Hornets. The Australian F-111s were operating from Butterworth.

This commercial event took place on the island of Langkawi
from December 4th to 8th. On the three days before the actual
show a lot of flying activities were already taking place,
including display rehearsals of the Malaysian fast jets
(Hornet, Fulcrum and Flanker) and the Hercules. The
rehearsal of the para jump from a C-130 on Sunday the 2nd
ended in tragedy, when strong winds blew some of the 160
paratroopers out into the sea resulting in five casualties.

A sub-event of the LIMA took place in the port of Langkawi
(Porto Malai). Three choppers were parked here for a static
display. These were:
M70-03 		AS365N3 	APMM
M501-3 		S Lynx Mk300 	501Skn
M502-2 		AS555SN 	502Skn

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