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Langkawi 2003

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Date: 4 October 2003

Made by:


Civil terminal:
M30-01			C-130H-MP	20 Skn
M30-06			C-130H		14 Skn
M30-14, M30-15		C-130H-30	20 Skn
M44-01, M44-04		CN235-220M	21 Skn

Airshow Participants:
A8-114			F-111C		1sq/RAAF          
715/05	                Su-30MK		Sukhoi OKB        
03103	                Be-103		Beriev OKB        
17415	                Mi-171		Ulan Ude Avn Plant
ZH872	                Hercules C4	LTW       
59-1512/ZZ		KC-135T		909th ARS                    
90-0820/WW	        F-16CJ		14th FS "35FW"               
92-3886/WW	        F-16CK		14th FS "35FW"               
165794/NJ-120	        F/A-18F		VFA-122                      
165797/NJ-123	        F/A-18F		VFA-122                      
679		        Rooivalk	16sq/SAAF            
M20-13, M20-28	        Alouette 3	2FTC                 
M23-14		        S-61A-4		3 Skn                        
M39-02		        AS-61N-1	10 Skn               
M40-34		        Hawk 208	6 Skn                
M43-03, M43-09	        MiG-29N		19 Skn                       
M43-04, M43-05	        MiG-29N	        17 Skn               
M43-11		        MiG-29N	        19 Skn               
M43-12, M43-15	        MiG-29N	        17 Skn               
M43-13, M43-14	        MiG-29N	        19 Skn               
M44-03		        CN235-220M	21 Skn               
M45-06, M45-07	        F/A-18D		18 Skn                       
M46-02		        S-70A		10 Skn                       
M49-01, M49-02	        Mi-17-1V	BOMBA                
M50-09		        PC7 Mk2		3FTC                         
9M-BDK		        Falcon 20	Falcon Sp Air Service
9M-BOB		        A109E		BOMBA, c/n 11212                
N135SG		        EMB135BJ                             
RA-76425	        IL-76TD		Atlant Soyuz                 
RA-76710	        IL-76TD                              
UR-76628	        IL-76TD                              

The Red Arrows with the following Hawk T1($)/T1A/T1W(#)'s:
XX179#   XX227    XX233$   XX253    XX260    XX264
XX266    XX292#   XX294$   XX306    XX308$

Porto Malai (Maritime Exhibition):
M501-1			Sup Lynx 300	501 Skn
RSNF6200		SA365F		Royal Saudi Navy

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