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Langkawi 1993

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Date: 9 December 1993

Made by:


A9-664                P-3W         nb
A21-29, A21-44        F/A-18A      75sq
739/93-CK             C-135FR      ERV93
F92/61-ZJ             C-160F       ET61
15/2-EK               Mirage 2000C EC1/2
511/2-FH              Mirage 2000B EC2/2
09 bk/RA-82038        An-124       CIS AF
10 bk                 An-124       CIS AF
020 bk                Ka-50        Kamov     "H-318"
3912/40               MiG-29       Striji
3915/43               MiG-29       Striji
4003/46               MiG-29       Striji
3016584/34            MiG-29UB     Striji
N38401208918/73 bl    MiG-31       CIS AF
18 bl, 19 bl          Su-27UB      Russian Knights
ZJ100                 Hawk 100     BAe
XZ721/344             Lynx HAS3SGM 815sq
D-ICKS                Seastar CD2  Dornier
F-GKDI                Da900B       Dassault
G-BUHC                BAe146-300   BAe
N412YX                Bell412      Bell
N530FX                MD530        MDH
N532CJ                Ce           Cessna
N2000S                Starsh 20 0A Beech
N22591                CeF406       Sembawang Av
N80663                King Air 350 Beech
RA-85658              Tu-154M      Aeroflot
ZU-AHC                Rooivalk
ZU-AHE                ACE          Penel/Atlas
9M-PMN                Ce208B       Poslaju Kurier

1702/S3-ACB           An-32        BangladeshAF
S-134                 Lynx Mk80    SVF
A-2801                F28-1000     17sq/TNI AU
M21-13                DHC-4A       nb
M23-16                S-61A-4      nn
M27-08                Ce402B       2sq
M30-04, M30-08        C-130H       4sq
M30-10                C-130H-MP    nb
M33-01, M33-14        PC-7         Taming Sari Team
M33-16, M33-19        PC-7         Taming Sari Team
M33-20, M33-21        PC-7         Taming Sari Team
M33-27, M33-30        PC-7         Taming Sari Team
M33-32                PC-7         Taming Sari Team
M36-01                NAS332L      nn
M39-02                AS-61        10sq
D-AMUR                B767-3G5     LTU Süd
N82SR                 L1329-731
N7148P                CeF406
PK-HMK                CL601-3A     Gatarj
RA-64007              Tu-204       Aeroflot
RA-76708              Il-76MD      Aeroflot
9M-BAB                Da900
9M-CAM                King Air     Jaratan Pener
9M-MJP                King Air     Dep of Civil Av
9M-PIF                SC7-3-100    Pan Malaysian Air
9M-PSH                PC-6B-2      Polis
9M-STR                BAe125-700A
9M-TAB, 9M-TAE        Y12-II       Berjaya Air

Additional aircraft logged on the 11th were:
XU-008                Be200        Cambodia AF
730                   C-130H       122sq/RSiAF
HB-VIF                Lj35
N823GA                G.1159C
9M-FAR                SC-7-3M      Mofaz Air

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