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Astana 2018

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Astana International Airport (Kazachstan)

Kadex 2018

23 - 26 May 2018

2018 saw the fifth edition of the Kazakhstan Defense Exhibition or KADEX. It was held from      
23 to 26 May at the military part of Astana International Airport. Seven huge exposition halls      
have been erected to house this bi-annual event. The event appears to be getting bigger and bigger      
every year, however, the number of participating aircraft was considerably less than on previous occasions.      
The Kazakhstan Air Defense Forces only had a modest number of aircraft participating in the event, and      
aircraft from exhibiting companies were almost non-existent this year. In addition to this, the event      
was hindered by the typical harsh Astana weather, especially on the opening day with very strong winds and      
temperatures in the single digits on the first two days, and almost 30 degrees and still very strong winds      
on the final two days. As a matter of fact, Astana was hit by a hurricane the day before the show and an Air      
Astana Airbus suffered a runway excursion on the same day.      
The opening ceremony was attended by President Nursultan Nazarbajev himself but this could not prevent the outside      
demonstrations being cancelled almost completely due to the weather. The demonstration programme included a very      
impressive ground demo by the Kazakhstan Army supported by some ADF EC145 and Mi-17 helicopters, a demonstration      
of a recently acquired Mi-35 and two new Su-30SMs. The KADEX event appears to be successful as types such as the      
Mi-35, Su-30SM and the Wing Loong UAV were marketed by their manufacturers on previous editions of KADEX and those      
have entered service since. As the event also includes a huge amount of ground equipment there is little doubt      
that also this part of KADEX is successful. KADEX 2018 saw a massive presence of the Russian, Chinese and Turkish      
defence industry.      
The report below gives an impression of what could be seen during the four days. Day one and two were trade-days and      
day three and four were open to the general public. The programme consists of a block reserved for the Kazakhstan      
Defence Forces and two one-hour blocks for exhibitor’s aircraft but as there were none it actually was a rather boring      
day for those interested in military aviation only. However, those interested in civil aviation saw a considerable amount      
of interesting aircraft that are included in this report.      
07r C295M 218ATS 168
11y EC145 620AvB? 9676
UP-EC015 EC145 McHS KazAviaSpas 9435
03r Mi-35M1 607AvB?  
45r Mi-171Sh 602AvB? 171Sh00398157560(U)
06r Su-30SM 604AvB 10MK51316
01y Wing Loong Kazachstan ADF  
UP-LA205 Lancair IV-P ZKMK  
UR-VBB Mi-2 MotorSich 549508115
UP-MI866 Mi-8MSV-1 KazMedAir  
15-0051 A400M 221Filo  
88-0032 F-16C 132Filo/Solo Turk  
D-CSNC Do328-100 Dornier 328 Support  
Eurocopter area:
09y EC145 Kazakhstan ADF 9597
10y EC145 Kazakhstan ADF (9605)
12y EC145 Kazakhstan ADF (9671)
UP-EC033 EC145 McHS KazAviaSpas  
02r Su-30SM 604AvB (10MK51119)
07r Su-30SM 604AvB (10MK51507)
01r C295M 218ATS 093
08r C295M 218ATS 169
07y Mi-17V-5 620AvB? (398M08)
09y Mi-17V-5 620AvB? (398M10)
19y Mi-17V-5 620AvB?  
02r Mi-35M1 607AvB?  
44r Mi-171Sh 602AvB? (171Sh00398157)559(U)
88-0029 F-16C 132Filo/Solo Turk  
UN-65683 Tu-134A Kazachstan Gvmt (62199)
UP-T5401 Tu-154M Kazachstan Gvmt (91A889)
Astana is the home of some government aircraft as well as a detachment of the Border Guards operating the      
An-26 and Mi-171Sh, a detachment of the Department of Emergency Services (McHS KazAviaSpas) operating the      
EC145 and Ka-32. It is believed that also the Mi-17V-5s and EC145s call Astana home.      
01wh An-26 Kazakhstan Border Guards 1109
05r An-26 Kazakhstan ADF (10202)
07r An-72 Kazakhstan ADF (36572030460)
08r An-72 Kazakhstan ADF (36572091823)
UP-72850 An-72-100 Border Guards (36576092850) 22may
74082 An-74TK-200D Border Guards (3654701221082) 27may
1x Ka-32A-11BC McHS KazAviaSpas  
11y Mi-171Sh Kazakhstan Border Guards  
17y Mi-171Sh Kazakhstan Border Guards (171S00398137342U)
95100 RRJ-95B Kazakhstan Border Guards (95096)
UP-42721 Yak-42D Kazakhstan Gvmt (4520423310017)
78820 Il-76MD Ukrainian AF (0093496907)
UP-M1701 Mi-172? Kazachstan Gvmt 25may
UP-EC501 EC225LP Kazachstan Gvmt 25may
9H-VFC CL605 Vista Jet  
A6-EIQ A320-232 Etihad Airways  
A7-AAG A320-232 Qatar Airways Amiri Flight  
EW-399PO ERJ-195LR Belavia  
LY-AWD, LY-AWE B737-522 Scat Airlines  
LY-AZV B737-7GL Scat Airlines  
M-ALTI CL604 Prime Aviation  
M-BEST Ce750 Lanara Ltd.  
M-KKCO G450 Sadalsuud Ltd  
M-TYRA Global 5000 not noted  
N888DC G450 Wells Fargo Bank  
P4-EAS, P4-FAS, P4-GAS B757-2G5 Air Astana  
P4-KCU B757-2G5 Air Astana  
P4-MAS B757-28A Air Astana  
P4-KEA, P4-KEB B767-3KYER Air Astana  
P4-KBA, P4-KBC, P4-KBD A320-232 Air Astana  
P4-KBE, P4-KBF A320-232 Air Astana  
P4-KBH A320-271N Air Astana  
P4-OAS A321-131 Air Astana  
P4-KDA, P4-KDC A321-231,271N Air Astana  
P4-KCD, P4-KCF, P4-KCG ERJ190LR Air Astana  
P4-KCH, P4-KCJ, P4-KCK ERJ190LR Air Astana  
P4-NUR, P4-QAZ DHC8-402 Qazaq Air  
RA-96023 Il-96-300 Rossya (74393203023)
SP-LWB, SP-LWC B737-89P LOT Polish Airlines  
SU-ALB A330-243 Atlas Global Airlines  
TC-JYL B737-9F2ER Turkish Airlines  
TC-RZA CL300 MNG Jet  
UK-32011, UK32019 A320-214 Uzbekistan Airways  
UP-AN422 An-24B Southern Sky (07306504)
UP-B3710, UP-B3712 B737-31S,35B Scat Airlines  
UP-B3720 B737-8 Scat Airlines  
UP-CJ004, UP-CJ008 CRJ200ER Scat Airlines  
UP-CJ011, UP-CJ012 CRJ200ER Scat Airlines  
UP-CS301 Ce525B KazAir Jet  
UP-F1004, UP-F1005 Fokker 100 Bek Air  
UP-F1007, UP-F1014 Fokker 100 Bek Air  
UP-L4108 L 410UVP-E20 Zhezkazgan Air  
UP-SJ001 RRJ-95B Comlux Aviation KZ  
UP-Y4006 Yak-40K KazAir Jet  
UP-Y4013 Yak-40 Zhezkazgan Air  
UP-Y4028, UP-Y4036 Yak-40K East Wing  
UP-Y4204 Yak-42D KazAir Jet  
VQ-BHL A320-214 Aeroflot  
VQ-BED,VQ-BHK,VQ-BHS A321-211 Aeroflot  

Credits: Bas Velders, Alfred Velders, Simon Gregor, Fred Willemsen.

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