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Astana 2016

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Astana (Kazahstan)

KADEX 2016

2 - 5 June 2016

909(bk) Ansat-K Russian Helicopt. 410A04
742(bk) Mi-17V-5 Russian Helicopters 96742
341(wh) Mi-35 Russian Helic. 368558094
02(wh) Yak-130 Irkut Corp.  
74082 An-74T-200A Boarder Guard dep. 4 jun
05(rd) C295M no marks 126
07(y) Mi-17V-5 no marks 398M08
42(rd) Mi-171Sh no marks 171S00398147207U
04(rd) Su-30SM no marks (604AvB) 10MK5 1201
01(y) Wing Loong I (drone) WD106001
UP-MI602 Mi-26T MChS 34001212133
UP-MI703 Mi-171E MChs 171E00398147489U
N350ER Be350ER Beechcraft Co. FL-1046
N557SV Ce680 Cessna 680-0557
P4-KBG EMB190 Air Astana only 2 jun
P4-KCF EMB190 Air Astana only 4 jun
RA-01908 AW119MDK2   14742
TC-ASH BAe125-900XP Minist. of Health HA-0051
UN-65683 Tu-134AK Gvmt 62199
UP-AS004 H125 Airbus Helicopter 8140
UP-LA204 Z242L Guru 0792
UR-MSJ Mi-8MSB-T MotorS 3172/MSB8430005
The TC-ASH was only on the static on the 3rd and departure on the 4th. Its titles, Turkish Ministery of Health, were taped      
over with a sticker of KazMedAir. Also its former serial was still readable, CS-DCZ.      
The Beech 350, Cessna 680 and Tu-134 were removed from the static on the 4th.      
Parked on grass:
02(rd) Mi-17V-5 no marks 398M19
05(rd) Mi-17V-5 no marks 398M20
The 02(rd) departed on the 3rd.      
Flightline (only accessible to invitees):
25(y) Mi-8MTV no marks  
26(y) Mi-8MTV no marks 94775
07(y) Su-27M-2 604AvB  
11(y) Su-27M-2 604AvB 36911020208
14(y) Su-27M-2 604AvB 36911031717
16(y) Su-27M-2 604AvB 36911023309
17(y) Su-27M-2 604AvB 36911023613
52(y) Su-27UBM-2 604AvB 96310415083
02(rd) Su-30SM no marks (604AvB)  
03(rd) Su-30SM no marks (604AvB) 10MK5 1120
EW-464PS Yak-40 Orscha Air  
UN-B5701 B757-2M6 Gvmt white colours
UN-25401 Mi-8MTV-1 Gvmt white colours
The construction number, 94775, of the Mi-8MTV 26(y) was read from the flight book that was found inside the Mi-17      
05(rd), parked on the grass.      
Flightline hangar (only accessible to invitee):
08(rd) An-72 no marks 36572091823/1004
02(rd) C295M no marks 096
12(y) EC145 620AvB 9671
05(y) Su-25 602AvB 02001
The An-72 was moved to the static on the 4th.      
Platform Airbus Helicopter:
07(y) EC145 620AvB 9550
09(y) EC145 620AvB 9597
10(y) EC145 620AvB 9605
11(y) EC145 620AvB 9676
UP-EC029 EC145 MChS 9663
UP-K3201 Ka-32A11BC MChS 9832
Hangar, Airbus Helicopter (not open to public):
08(y) EC145 620AvB 9552
UP-EC015 EC145 MChS 9435
UP-EC013 EC145 MChS 9445
UP-EC018 EC145 MChS 9531
UP-EC032 EC145 MChS 9668
JU5598 EC145 Mongolia 9263
Platform, Border Guard (not open to public):
01(wh) An-26 Border Guard  
(03 (wh)) An-26 Border Guard  
15(y) Mi-171Sh Border Guard  
UP-42721 Yak-42D Gvmt arrived 2 jun
UP-87850 Yak-40 Border Guard  
UP-AN2804 An-28 stored  
Tu-134 stored  
18(rd) An-12BK Kaz. ADF 6344609 arrived 5 jun
11309 An-12 Irkut arrived 5 jun
UC-EC501 EC225LP Government departed 3 jun
UP-MI702 Mi-172 Government departed 3 jun
UP-MI709 Mi-172 Government departed 4 jun
Flying only:
UP-LA158, UP-LA161 TL-2000 MChS?  
UP-LA162, UP-LA166 TL-2000 MChS?  
According to some people these are just aircraft from an aero-club, however one of the press officers told us that the      
aircraft are used by the military for pilot training and are owned by the Air Force.      

Credits: Special thanks to Patrick Dirksen for the missing construction numbers.

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