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Astana 2014

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Astana KADEX 2014
Date: 22-25 May 2014
74008 3654701221089 An-74TK-200 Gvmt  
74082 3654701221082 An-74TK-200A Border Guards  
01 rd KZ01-01-093 C295M SVOPK  
08 ye 9552 EC145 620AB  
01 rd 398M15 Mi-17V-5 SVOPK  
08 ye 171E00398124708U Mi-171E MChS Kazakhstan  
17 ye 171S00398137342U Mi-171Sh Border Guards  
UP-EC018 9531 EC145 MChS Kazakhstan  
UP-K3201 523324069832 Ka-32A11BC MChS Kazakhstan  
UP-MI602 34001212133 Mi-26 MChS Kazakhstan only on 25th
11309 An-12 IAPO  
OE-VTX DA.42M Diamond Aircraft  
RA-67033 L-410UVP-E20 Orenburzhye  
48119 An-32A MiG OKB 7011
747 bl MiG-35M MiG OKB  
10 ye Mi-171E Border Guards  
16 ye 171S00398137341U Mi-171Sh Border Guards  
Flightline near static:
03 rd 9704 An26 SVORK  
16 rd 10MK51017 Su-30MK 929 CLiTs Akhtubinsk  
F-WWMS A400M Airbus Industries  
N620AT AT-6A Hawker Beechcraft Ind.  
N800EU Beech 350i Hawker Beechcraft Ind.  
UP-LA204 0792/2012 Z242L    
UR-MSF Mi-8SB Motor Sich  
Near flightline on grass:
02 rd Mi-17V-5 SVORK 398M20
05 rd Mi-17V-5 SVORK 398M18
08 ye Mi-17V-5 SVORK 398M10
09 ye Mi-17V-5 SVORK 398M02
14 ye Mi-17V-5 SVORK 94556
30 ye Mi-8MTV SVORK 3532423117311
40 ye Mi-24V SVORK 3532423117301
42 ye Mi-24V SVORK  
UN-25401 Mi-8MTV-1 Gvmt  
Eurocopter Facility:
05 ye, 06 ye EC145 620AB  
09 ye, 10 ye EC145 620AB  
Civil ramp:
69-021 C-160D 221 Filo  
UP-42721 Yak-42 Gvmt  
UP-87850 Yak-40 Border Guard  
UP-EC026 EC145 MChS Kazakhstan  
UP-T3407 Tu-134A-3 MChS Kazakhstan  
UN-65683 Tu-134A-3 Border Guard  
UP-T3404 Tu-134A-3 Euro Asia Air  
UR-CGX An-12 Shovkoviy Schlyak Ltd.  
Flying only:
16 rd, 20 rd MiG-29 600AB  
41 rd, 45 rd MiG-29UB 600AB  
01 ye, 04 ye Su-25 602AB  
07 ye, 09 ye Su-25 602AB  
15 ye Su-25UB 602AB  
03 ye, 11 ye Su-27M2 604AB  
12 ye, 14 ye Su-27M2 604AB  
52 ye, 53 ye Su-27UBM2 604AB  
The Su-25s were not flying on the 23rd.

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