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Haifa 2006

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Date: 3 May 2006

Made by:


215		A-4H		preserved    
324	        A36 Chofit	135sq
711	        Beech 200CT	135sq
005/4X-FNB	C-47A		preserved
305		C-130E		103/131sq             
001	        F-4 2000	preserved     
393	        F-15A		preserved, nmks       
622	        F-15A	        i/a, 133sq-mks 
791	        F-16A	        i/a, 144sq-mks 
333	        F-16C	        117sq          
535	        F-16C	        101sq          
130	        AH-1G	        preserved      
667	        AH-1S	        i/a            
983	        CH-53 2000	i/a, 114sq-mks
128	        OH-58B		FTS                   
818	        AH-64A		190sq                 
821	        Kfir C2		preserved             
37	        Mystere IVA	preserved     
056/4X-FAH	N2501D		preserved
68		MD450		preserved              
?	        P-51K		preserved              
58	        PA-18-150	preserved, nmks
55	        PT-17		preserved              
22	        S.11-2		preserved, nmks        
822	        S-70A-50	124sq          
008	        SA321Kb		preserved, nmks        
12	        SO4050 IIA	preserved      
(1110)	        AT-6A		preserved, as '10'     
647	        Tzukit		preserved              

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