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Yelahanka 2007

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Date: 7-11 February 2007

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This year the fifth Aero India Airshow was held. The location was at Yelahanka Air 
Force Station just north of Bangalore. At Yelahanka An-32s, BAe748s, Do228s, Mi-8s 
and Chetaks are based. Bangalore itself is famous for the extensive high tech industries 
located including Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL). The Aero India Show this year 
was very much influenced by an upcoming 126 Multi Role Combat Aircraft acquisition by 
the IAF for which a formal Request for Proposals is expected soon. As a result the show 
was crowded with foreign aircraft which unfortunately removed the need for extra IAF 
aircraft. Other major acquisition projects that attracted interest were stated orders 
for six C-130Js, 60 Mil-17s and 40 Su-30MKIs with talk about new maritime patrol aircraft 
to replace the Tu-142 and off course about UAVs to name just a few.
HAL tried to show their best with many different types of new aircraft. Unfortunately, 
with one fatal crash of an ALH Dhruv helicopter, a mishap with the prototype Intermediate 
Jet Trainer (IJT) HJT-36 Sitara and an incident with another Dhruv things did not proceed 
as planned. With the presence of all the foreign aircraft the show was claimed to be bigger 
than any other show in Asia.
For the general, unregistered public a large grass area along the first part of the runway 
was open. Registered visitors were also allowed in the exhibition pavilions (BAe748/An-32 
hangars) and could have a close view of the first static line. For the more adventurous 
visitors the whole airbase was available for checking out. The show opened at the 7th for 
many important IAF and foreign officials with a flypast of Indian Air Force aircraft. This 
flypast was not repeated the other days. The days before the show all flying was practiced 
many times, on the sixth culminating in a full airshow including flypast.
The visitors listed provided the VIP transport in the early morning and late afternoon. 
Although units are provided by some foreign aircraft, these were actually on loan to their 
respective builders like Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Saab Aircraft. Unfortunately becoming a 
tradition with the Indian Air Force most of the squadron emblems are not applied anymore.

Static line 1:
J4043			Dhruv		151HU/Sarang            
KF146	                Mirage 2000H	9sq             
KH2001	                Tejas		HAL                     
S3474	                HJT-36 Sitara	HAL             
SB038	                Su-30MKI	30sq		10MK2302
39826/826		JAS39D		Swedish Air Force
90-0844/WW		F-16DJ		14th FS
D-MCOO			C42                              
N544LR	                Hawker 1000	Raytheon         
N670XL	                Ce560                            
VT-ACD	                Be350	                         
VT-AHB	                Ce208B		Baldota                  
VT-DXE	                Bell 47G-5	Pushpaka Aviation
VT-HOC	                Hansa		NAL                      
VT-KNB	                Hawker 850XP	Span Air         

Static line 2:
C-FGND			CRJ900		Bombardier
N187GX			Global Express XRS Bombardier
N36980			Premier 1	Raytheon

Near Chalets:
KH200X			Tejas		mock-up
-			Hawk		mock-up

JS210			Jaguar IS	IAF		DARIN-II upgrade
KH2002, KH2005		Tejas		HAL		arr 7/2
S3466			HJT-36 Sitara	HAL
04-3144			C-130J-30	314thAW
05-5151/HH		C-17A		15th AW/154th WG
154			MiG-35		RSK MiG
156			MiG-29OVT	RSK-MiG
158563/YD-563		P-3C		VP-4   
166673/NJ-133	        F/A-18F		VFA-122
166675/NJ-134	        F/A-18F		VFA-122
91-0477/WW	        F-16DJ		13th FS
92-3887/WW	        F-16CJ		14th FS
98-00011	        CH-47F		FTD    
F-GSMT			Da900EX		Dassault
OE-HPK			BD100
RF-21512		Be200ChS	Beriev/Bombeiros st.
VH-AFJ			GA8 Airvan	Gippsland Aeron.
VT-DEP	                Enstrom 480B	Venture-Tara    
VT-HGL	                Da2000                          
VT-TEC	                MD902		TATA Power              
VT-VSL	                Bell 407	VSL Mining Comp.
VT-XSD	                Saras		NAL                     

Flypast 6 and 7 February:
Flight 1
J4053			Dhruv		151HU            
SB021	                Su-30MKI	20sq     
SB102	                Su-30MKI-3	20sq     
U775	                Kiran Mk1	ASTE     
U836	                Kiran Mk1A	FTS Bidar
Flight 2
VT-XSD			Saras		NAL
Flight 3
HM667			Do228-201	FWTF
HM668	                Do228-201	TTW 
K2701	                An-32		FWTF        
Flight 4
S3474			HJT-36 Sitara	HAL
Flight 5
IN317/ARK		Tu-142M		INAS312
Flight 6
KF109, KF112		Mirage 2000H	40Wg
RK3452			IL-78MKI	78sq
Flight 7
JS151, JS154, JS157(6)	Jaguar IS	6sq
JS164, JS178, JS203(7)	Jaguar IS	6sq
The only change in the flight was that JS157 flew on the 6th 
and JS203 flew on the 7th.
Flight 8
KH2001, KH2002		Tejas		HAL
KH2005(6)		Tejas		HAL		grey c/s
Flight 9
IN303/DAB		IL-38SD		INAS315

Flying from north side of runway:
39229/229		JAS39C		Swedish Air Force
IA1118, IA1120 (6,7,10)	Dhruv	        202 AA sq        
J4045(6,7,10,11)	Dhruv	        151HU/Sarang     
J4046(6,7,10,11)	Dhruv	        151HU/Sarang     
J4049 (10,11)		Dhruv	        151HU/Sarang     
J4063(6,7)		Dhruv	        151HU/Sarang     
SB105			Su-30MKI-3	20sq		10MK23405
U2460(6,7,10), U2462(6)	Kiran Mk2	52sq/Surya Kiran
U2467(6,7,10)		Kiran Mk2	52sq/Surya Kiran
U2469(6,7,10)	        Kiran Mk2	52sq/Surya Kiran
U2471(6,7,10)	        Kiran Mk2	52sq/Surya Kiran
U2472(6,7,10)	        Kiran Mk2	52sq/Surya Kiran
U2480(6,7,10)	        Kiran Mk2	52sq/Surya Kiran
U2487(6,7,10)	        Kiran Mk2	52sq/Surya Kiran
U2520(6,7,10)	        Kiran Mk2	52sq/Surya Kiran
U2507(7,10)	        Kiran Mk2	52sq/Surya Kiran
Z1805			SA319B/HAL	ASTE		AH181
Z1837			SA319B/HAL	ASTE		AH220
Z1951, Z2366, Z2384	Mi-8		112HU
Z2389, Z2452		Mi-8		112HU
Z2836			Mi-8		IAF		VIP c/s
Z3476(7,11)		Lancer		669 AA sq	CH272
Z3478(6,10)		Lancer		669 AA sq
Note that the reports on flying aircraft are included for 6, 7, 10 and 
11 February only. The Army choppers returned home every night. Only two 
Army Dhruvs performed the show each day. As the display teams performed 
twice a day the dates mentioned above is not exhaustive. 

Flight line north side of runway:
SB106			Su-30MKI-3	20sq		75years c/s
39824/824		JAS39D		Swedish Air Force
U2481, U2492		Kiran Mk2	52sq/Surya Kiran
The other ten Kirans were also parked on this flight line when not taking 
part in the flying display.

Based aircraft flying daily VIP shuttles:
Z1411			SA319B/HAL	ASTE		AH140
Z1414			SA319B/HAL	ASTE		AH143

North side of runway:
H1178/B			BAe748-218	HQ TCF
H1515, H2377		BAe748-247	HQ TCF
IA1116			Dhruv		202 AA sq	full mks
K2680, K2684, K2739	An-32		FWTF
K2751, K3061		An-32		FWTF
Z2160, Z2364, Z2452	Mi-8		112HU
The Army Dhruv returned to another location near Yelahanka every evening. 
The unit is currently working up on the Dhruv.

Hangars north side of runway:
HM672, HM679		Do228-201	FWTF
J4047			Dhruv		ASTE
J4050 + 1		Dhruv		151HU/Sarang
Z1372, Z2342		Mi-8		ASTE

Dump north side of runway:
Z1374 +1		Mi-8		ex 112HU

Stored north side of runway:
Z2395, Z2366		Mi-8		112HU

Preserved near main gate:
W1759			TS-11		on pole

BSF area:

Visitors 5 February:
VT-HAO			Dhruv	Gvmt of Yelahanka?

Visitors 6 February:
H1048/L			BAe748-203	IAF		VIP c/s
K2704/E			An-32		12sq
RK3454			IL-78MKI	78sq

Visitors 7 February:
IA1121			Dhruv		202 AA sq
K3601, K3604		ERJ135BJ	AHQCS
RK3454			IL-78MKI	78sq
VT-HAR			Dhruv		ONGC
VT-TAT			Da2000		Taj Air

Visitors 8 February:
H1522, H2184, H2374	BAe748-247	IAF
K2689, K2706, K2742	An-32		FWTF
K2750			An-32		12sq
K3013			IL-76MD		ARC R&AW
K3603			ERJ135BJ	AHQCS		+10
RK3454			IL-78MKI	78sq		+10
VT-HAR			Dhruv		ONGC

Visitors 9 February:
BH1013			BAe748-203	IAF		VIP c/s
H1522, H2378		BAe748-247	IAF
HM685			Do228-201	IAF
K2701			An-32		FWTF
K2725, K2736, K3073	An-32		IAF
K2726/Y			An-32		IAF		white & grey c/s
K3604			ERJ135BJ	AHQCS

Visitors 10 February:
H1519			BAe748-247	N&SS
H1523, H2374		BAe748-247	IAF
K2668/A			An-32		FWTF
K2699/I, K2721		An-32		IAF		white & grey c/s
K2718/A			An-32		PTS
K2725			An-32		IAF
K2750, K3069, K3072	An-32		12sq

Visitors 11 February:
H2374, H2378		BAe748-247	IAF
K2753			An-32		12sq
K3063/F			An-32		33sq
RK3454			IL-78MKI	78sq

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