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Taszar 1992

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Date: 8/9 August 1992

Made by: Ben Uffen


CF-04           SA226           21sm
FA-34           F16A            349sm
FB-01           F16B            nb
E25/9           Alpha Jet       P.deFrance
E36/2           Alpha Jet       P.deFrance
E49/5           Alpha Jet       P.deFrance
E92/6           Alpha Jet       P.deFrance
E103/8  	Alpha Jet       P.deFrance
E125/4  	Alpha Jet       P.deFrance
E126/7  	Alpha Jet       P.deFrance
E155/0 	 	Alpha Jet       P.deFrance
E156/1  	Alpha Jet       P.deFrance
E170/3  	Alpha Jet       P.deFrance
2323/AIO        AS332M  	4RHCMS
5153/61-PJ      C130H-30        ET2/61
507/2-FD        Mirage 2000B    EC2/2
510/2-FG        Mirage 2000B    EC2/2
3866/CXG        SA342M  	1RHC
4205/CWA        SA342M  	1RHC
41+53           Alpha Jet       JBG49
41+67           Alpha Jet       JBG49
44+43           Tornado 	JBG34
45+88           Tornado 	JBG34
58+49           Do28D           JBG49
MM54456/RS-10   MB339A  	RSV
MM54533/61-72   MB339A  	61°Ab.
MM62130/RS-51   G222            RSV
C-5             F27-300M        334Sqn
J-213           F16A            Demo
J-226           F16A            Demo
9x		TS11		Team Iskra
ZG531           Harrier GR7     nn
ZG532           Harrier GR7     nn
XX163           Hawk T1 	nn
XX175           Hawk T1 	nn
XX184           Hawk T1 	nn
XX224           Hawk T1 	nn
XX225           Hawk T1 	nn
XX238           Hawk T1 	nn
XX497/E 	Jetstream T1    6FTS
XW218/BW        Puma HC1        18Sqn
XW236/BZ        Puma HC1        18Sqn
80-0155/WR      A10A            "510FS"
80-0278/WR      A10A            "78FS"
68-10947        C130E           37ALS
57-1437 	KC135R  	351ARS
69-7212/SP      F4G             "52FW"
69-7228/SP      F4G             nn
79-0073/BT      F15C            22FS
79-0078/BT      F15C            nn
88-0399/SP      F16C            "480FS"
87-0270/SP      F16C            "52FW"
71-0890/LN      F111F           493FS
73-0715/LN      F111F           493FS
J-4020  	Hunter F58      P.deSuisse
J-4026          Hunter F58      P.deSuisse
J-4027          Hunter F58      P.deSuisse
J-4029          Hunter F58      P.deSuisse
J-4030          Hunter F58      P.deSuisse
J-4031          Hunter F58      P.deSuisse
J-4032          Hunter F58      P.deSuisse
907             An24V           7303907
203             An26            c/n 02203
R-13            Mi2S            Rendörség
9415            Mi2             MHRC
416             Mi8P            MHRC
730             Mi8P            MHRC
6207            Mi8             MHRC
10430           Mi8T            c/n 10430
10437           Mi8TB           MHRC
10445           Mi8S            c/n 10445
705             Mi17            MHRC
10447           Mi17            MHRC
578             Mi24D           MHRC
4010            Mi24D           c/n M34010
"7104"  ex 817  MiG15bis        Kazerne
37              MiG19PM 	Kazerne
18              MiG21UM 	MHRC
19              MiG21UM 	MHRC
801             MiG21F  	Preserved
904             MiG21UM 	MHRC
905             MiG21UM 	MHRC
1867            MiG21bis        MHRC
1874            MiG21bis        MHRC
1900            MiG21bis        MHRC
1904            MiG21bis        MHRC
1953            MiG21bis        MHRC
2021            MiG21bis        MHRC
2098            MiG21bis        MHRC
2105            MiG21bis        MHRC
5822            MiG21bis        MHRC
6009            MiG21bis        MHRC
6021            MiG21bis        MHRC
6253            MiG21bis        MHRC
6327            MiG21bis        MHRC
6384            MiG21bis        MHRC
9125            MiG21bis        MHRC
07              MiG23MF 	c/n 12406
08              MiG23MF 	MHRC
04              Su22M-3K        c/n 52304
05              Su22M-3K        c/n 52305
11              Su22M-3K        c/n 51611
709             IAR99           FAR
712             IAR99           FAR
0002            L39MS           CL
0005            L59             c/n 040005
0142            Mi24D           CL
0220            Mi24D           M34--0220
076             Z43             MHRC
HA-YHA  	An2     	c/n 1G15153     Gvmt
HA-YHE  	An2     	c/n 1G18737     Gvmt

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