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San Pedro Sula 2008

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Date: 21-22 June 2008

Made by:


201, 202 		T-35B 		EMA GuatemalaAF       
4006 		        F-5E 		HCM                    
4002 		        F-5F 		HCM                    
317 		        IAI201 		HAM                  
271 		        MXT-7-180 	JESC              
251 		        T-27 		JESC                   
85-1449/TX 	        F-16C 		457th FS AFRC         
86-0219/TX 	        F-16C 		457th FS AFRC         
63-8023 	        KC-135R 	197th ARS AZ ANG    
HR-AEX 		        PA-18 		Aeroclub SPS          
HR-AUT 		        L-410UVP 	Aerocentro Honduras
N72TB 		        RC690C 		Wells Fargo Bank     
TG-JEN 		        PT-17 		as "309"              
TG-SUS 		        Ce425 		Copreca               
Plus an unknown AS350 with a red c/s.

1001 +1 		A-37B 		wfu
007 			Ce401B 		wfu
1100 			F-86F 		wfu silver c/s
1101 			F-86F 		preserved as "1000"
3002, 3005, 3007 	Sabre 4 	wfu
3008, 3009, 3010 	Sabre 4 	wfu

Scheduled flights:
HR-ARY 			ATR42-300 	TACA
HR-AUQ 			L-410UVP 	CAA blue c/s
HR-AUX 			ATR42-300 	TACA
N564TA 			A321-231 	TACA
N35407, N39416 		B737-924 	Continental
TG-DHP 			ATR42-300 	DHL
San Pedro Sula is Honduras largest international airport and
features a modest annual air show. This year’s edition attracted
some visiting aircraft from neighbours Guatemala and El Salvador,
as well as the United States. The Honduran air force
showed its main fi ghter aircraft to the public, but did not attend
the show in great numbers and neither did the public. As the airport
can not be reached by public transport, only the happy few
could make it out to the show. Apart from the visiting F-16s, the
most important attractions were probably the eight FAH Sabres,
which can still be found on the airfi eld.

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