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Tanagra 2021

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Tanagra (Greece)

Athens Flying Week

4-5 September 2021

156747 TA-7C Hellenic Air Force stored
(159935) A-7H Hellenic Air Force stored, fuselage
(160617) A-7E Hellenic Air Force stored, fuselage
(745) C-130H Hellenic Air Force stored, fuselage
749 C-130H Hellenic Air Force  
01510 F-4E AUP 338 Mira special marks
01524 F-4E AUP Hellenic Air Force  
71743 F-4E AUP Hellenic Air Force  
160060/60 T-2E Hellenic Air Force  
160061/61 T-2E Hellenic Air Force  
153441 P-3B Hellinic Navy stored
N296MA EMB145 HAI white colours
N416MA EMB145 HAI white colours
152181 P-3B Hellinic Navy stored
151389 P-3B Hellinic Navy stored
151366 P-3B Hellinic Navy stored
61056 F-102A Hellenic Air Force stored
7500 RF-4E Hellenic Air Force stored
7529 RF-4E Hellenic Air Force stored
3551 RF-4E Hellenic Air Force stored
68-480 F-4E Hellenic Air Force stored
7x A-7N USN stored
3H-FG Pilatus PC7 LAbt FläFlz special colours
3H-FO Pilatus PC7 LAbt FläFlz  
E-191 F-16A MLU RDAF special colours
ET-199 F-16B MLU RDAF  
0102 F-RBAQ A400M ET61  
E20 F-TEMS 2 Alpha Jet E GI312/PdF  
E35 F-TEMA 6 Alpha Jet E GI312/PdF  
E48 F-TEMH 4 Alpha Jet E GI312/PdF  
E73 F-TENE 0 Alpha Jet E GI312/PdF  
E81 F-UGFO 9 Alpha Jet E GI312/PdF  
E87 F-TELC 8 Alpha Jet E GI312/PdF  
E105 F-UGFM 7 Alpha Jet E GI312/PdF  
E119 F-UGFE 3 Alpha Jet E GI312/PdF  
E129 F-TELP 5 Alpha Jet E GI312/PdF  
E169 F-UHRX 1 Alpha Jet E GI312/PdF  
(139) 4-GR Rafale C FAF special colours
140 4-GS Rafale C FAF  
30+75 EF2000 TLG74  
31+28 EF2000T TLG74  
45+35 Tornado IDS JBG33  
MM55144 61-02 T-346A 61St  
203 F-15C RSAF special colours
8805 Hawk Mk.65A 88Sq/Saudi Hawks  
8811 Hawk Mk.65A 88Sq/Saudi Hawks  
8816 Hawk Mk.65A 88Sq/Saudi Hawks  
8817 Hawk Mk.65A 88Sq/Saudi Hawks  
8818 Hawk Mk.65A 88Sq/Saudi Hawks  
8819 Hawk Mk.65A 88Sq/Saudi Hawks  
8820 Hawk Mk.65A 88Sq/Saudi Hawks  
8821 Hawk Mk.65A 88Sq/Saudi Hawks  
(7519) Tornado IDS 75Sq RSAF CS056 special colours/confirmed by the ground crew
84-0159 LN F-15C 493FS  
84-0164 LN F-15C 493FS  
2780 AS.332C1 SAR 358 Mira  
300 C-130B Stored  
303 C-130B Stored  
743 C-130H Stored  
744 C-130H Stored  
746 C-130H Stored  
2049 CL415GR 383 Mira  
068 F-16C HAF  
525 F-16C 343Mira  
538 F-16C 340Mira  
1507 F-4E AUP Hellenic Air Force  
1530 F-4E AUP Hellenic Air Force  
71756 F-4E AUP Hellenic Air Force  
509 Mirage 2000-5BG 331Mira  
555 Mirage 2000-5EG 331Mira  
MJ755 F-H Spitfire Ixc Hellenic Air Force  
158910 T-2C Hellenic Air Force  
036 T-6A Texan II Hellenic Air Force special colours
336 P2002JF 360 MEA  
ES670 AB.205A Hellenic Army  
ES1007 AH-64A Hellenic Army special marks
ES1024 AH-64DHA Hellenic Army  
ES929 CH-47D Hellenic Army special marks
ES914 CH-47SD Hellenic Army  
ES851 NH90-TTH Hellenic Army  
ES529 OH-58D Hellenic Army  
ES557 OH-58D Hellenic Army  
ES692 UH-1H Hellenic Army  
PN53 S70B-6 MEN2 Hellenic Navy  
PN56 S70B-6 MEN2 Hellinic Navy  
508 Mirage 2000-5BG 331 Mira in shelter
337 Tecnan P2002JF Tecnan P2002JF 337 360Mira HAF  
PN59 S70B MEN 2  
Flying only
SX-HFD BK-117 Hellenic Fire Department  
N218AC/734 S64 Ericson Flying Crane  
Departing (10:00 Hr 4/9)
5119 / 61-PC C-130H ET02.061  

Noted at Tanagra last weekend. Serials between brackets () were NOT read ! This log not included the many preserved and stored aircraft at Tanagra.

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