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Nörvenich 1983

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Date: 30 April 1983

Made by:

Updated: 2 January 2011

STATIC: (* = also show) 
BD13              Mirage 5BD       8Sm        BAF 
MT23              CM170R           VVS        BAF 
XW533/K           Buccaneer S2B    15sq       RAF 
XZ361/20          Jaguar GR1       2sq        RAF 
K-3021            NF5A             314sq      RNLAF 
81-0982/WR        A10A             81TFW      USAF 
79-0062/BT        F15C             525TFS     USAF 
80-0613/HR        F16A             10TFS      USAF 
71-0889/LN        F111F            493TFS     USAF 
70+94/SAR         UH1D             HTG64      WGAF * 
N104RB            F104G                       civil * "Red Baron" 

SHOW: (* = on static after show) 
104749            CF104            1CAG       CAF 
104883            CF104            1CAG       CAF  * 
C-7               F27-300M         334sq      RNLAF 
80-0202/WR        A10A             81TFW      USAF 
80-0203/WR        A10A             81TFW      USAF 
18921             OV1D             1MIB       USAr * 
14270             OV1D             1MIB       USAr 
40+32             Alpha Jet A      JBG43      WGAF 
40+87		  Alpha Jet A	   JBG43      WGAF
38+07             F4F              JG71       WGAF * 
38+39             F4F              JG71       WGAF 
20+01             F104G            JBG31      WGAF * 	 (JBG36 mks)
28+31             TF104G           JBG31      WGAF *     spec.c/s 
43+35             Tornado          LVR1       WGAF * 
43+41		  Tornado	   LVR1	      WGAF
80+54             Bo105M           PAR16      WGAr 
1x		  Fantrainer

SE3160, 300sq RNLAF "Grasshoppers": 
A-350, A-351, A-398, A-406, A-499 

20+42             F104G            JBG31      WGAF       decoy 
71+27, 71+38	  UH-1D		   HTG64      WGAF	 (SAR marks)
80-0193	  	  A-10A		   81 TFW     USAF
81-0950	  	  A-10A		   81 TFW     USAF
81-0978		  A-10A		   81 TFW     USAF

D-EDPR		  Do27		   ex 56+90
D-EDPW 		  Do27		   ex 57+37
D-EFYW		  Do27		   ex 55+75
D-EBAT		  P149D		   ex 90+20
D-EHDK		  P149D		   ex 92+22
D-FMBB 		  HA.1112M-1L	   ex C.4K-135

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