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Köln-Bonn 1999

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Date: 4 September 1999

Made by: Cheryl Baumgärtner


10+24          B.707-307C            FBS         spcl marks 30 years in GAF service 
10+24          A.310-304MRT          FBS         grey c/s 
12+01          CL-601                FBS 
50+64          C-160D                LTG61 
53+12          L.410UVP              3/FBS 
70+51          UH-1D                 2/FBS 
71+49          UH-1D                 2/FBS       VIP c/s 
82+02          AS.532UL              3/FBS 
D-EFTB         L-18C                 ex 96+31 
LX-N90454      E-3A                  NAEWF 
92-3292        C-17A                 437th AW 

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