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Berlin-Schönefeld 2002

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Date: 9/10 May 2002

Made by: Scramble, Edward Kleiser, Erik Kamphuis, Lars Hoebers

Updated: 3 November 2002

CH-53G, German Army
The CH-53G is the largest transport helicopter of the German Heerseflieger. A number of them could be seen at the Internationale Luftfahrt Ausstellung in Berlin.

Photo Gary Parsons

More pictures of this airshow, see f4 Aviation

10+27			A310-304MRTT	FBS BMVg	10th only    
12+04	                CL-601		FBS BMVg                 
29+19	                MiG-29G		JG73                     
38+01	                F-4F		JG71                     
43+23	                Tornado IDS	JBG34            
43+12	                Tornado IDS	nb, tail only    
44+61	                Tornado IDS	AG51             
45+72	                Tornado IDS	MFG2             
45+83	                Tornado IDS	JBG31, in shelter
46+10	                Tornado IDS	WTD61            
46+57	                Tornado ECR	JBG32            
50+90	                C-160D		LTG62, white c/s         
61+20	                Br1150		MFG3                     
73+21 (as "70+30")	UH-1D		i/a, Unsere Lw
73+53			UH-1D		HFWS        
76+08	                SE3130	        HFWS    
80+14	                Bo105M	        HFWS    
82+01	                AS532U2	        FBS BMVg
82+52	                EC135T1	        HFWS    
83+03	                S. Lynx Mk88A	MFG3
84+25	                CH-53GS		HFR15       
86+93	                Bo105P1		HFVS        
89+53	                S King Mk41	MFG5
98+01 (as "43+00")	Tornado MRCA	i/a, Unsere Lw
98+25			Tiger UHT	WTD61		*
98+90			NH90-TTH	NHI		*
MM55062/RS-26		MB339CD		311°Gr/RSV	*
MM62153X/RS-46	        G222TCM		311°Gr/RSV	*
LX-N90450	        E-3A		NAEW&CF          
E.25-17/74-40	        C101EB		Grupo 74         
E.25-29/74-45	        C101EB		Grupo 74         
C.15-35/15-22	        EF-18A+		Ala 15           
C.15-43/15-30	        EF-18A+		Ala 15		*        
T.12B-17/37-03	        C212A-1		Ala 37           
EC-295			C295		Casa
86-8941/4		AH-64A		2/6th CAV
87-0351/AV		F-16CG		555th FS "31 OSS", 9th only
89-2035/AV		F-16CG		555th FS "555 FS", 9th only
96-0006			C-17A		437th AW	*
97-0220/LN, 98-0133/LN	F-15E		492nd FS
77 yellow		Mi-35		Mil OKB
D-BDMO "D-BDXN"		Do328-300	Dornier
D-ECOM			Extra EA-400	Extra
D-ECQA			L-18C		ex NethAF R-84
D-EDCI	                L-18C		ex BAF L05    
D-EDNU	                Do27B-3		ex GAF 56+92  
D-EDUR	                SF260		as BAF "ST26" 
D-ELCU	                L-18C		ex BAF L-40   
D-EMJP	                L-18C		ex BAF L125   
D-EPAK			Chipmunk T10	ex RAF WD388
D-ESBH			Me108B		ex GAF 370114
D-EXTX, D-EXTY		Extra EA-400	Extra
D-FHGL			SNJ-5	Red Bull
D-FMCG			Ce208B	Lanzarote Aerocargo
D-FMBB			HA.1112-M1L	ex SpAF C.4K-135
D-FOXI			PA-46-500TP	Piper	46-97070
D-FOXY			C-3605		ex Swiss C-535      
D-GICE			PA-44-180	Piper
D-GXPA			PA-34-220T	Piper	34-49243
D-HDKW	                AB47G-2		ex GAF 74+07        
D-HELT	                AB47J		ex ItaAF MM80131    
D-HLTD	                EC155B		BGS-Ost	6558        
D-HVBC	                EC135T-1	BGS	0148
D-IADM	                Alpha Jet A	ex GAF 41+11
D-IAFL			Ce414A	Bizair Flug
D-IBDM	                Alpha Jet A	ex GAF 41+30
D-IBFE			Beech B200	Fischer	BB-1716
D-ICDY			Do28D-2		ex GAF 58+89 
D-IKJS			Ce525A	Cessna
D-INOC			Ce525	Cessna
D-EYAK			CJ-6	        ex China AF, 
F-AZFN			AD-4N	        ex USN 125716
F-AZHR "51-7749"	T-28A	        ex FAF 135   
F-AZKM			OV-10B	        ex GAF 99+24 
F-GLJV			Falcon 900EX	Dassault
F-GSTC/3		A300-608ST	Airbus Transport
F-PBCM			Fairchild J2K-2	ex USCG?
F-WWCC			A340-642	Airbus Industrie
F-WWIA			A318-121	Airbus Industrie
G-AMVD			Auster AOP5	ex RAF TJ535
G-ASKY			Auster 5	ex RAF TJ534
G-BTWF			Chipmunk T10	ex RAF WK549
HB-FOX			PC-12/45	Pilatus	334
HB-RCB			P3-05		ex Swiss A-859
N51ES			P-51D		"472218"
N69H			Beech D17S	Classic Flyers
N173CX			Ce750	Cessna
N427L			Bell 427	Bell Textron
N707HE			B707-330C	Omega Air
N811SW			TBM-700	SOCATA	234
N3216P			Raytheon 390	Raytheon
N3222K			Beech 350	Beechraft S&S
N5129U			Beech 400A	Raytheon
N6123C			B-25J		ex 44-86893
N6593D			T-6G		ex 49-3357
N53517			PA-46-350P	Piper	46-36330
OE-ESA			T-28B		ex USN 138179
OE-FWS			G44A Widgeon	Red Bull
PH-ACZ			Beech 200	Ace Air	BB-1215
RA-43130/01		Yak-130D	Yakolev OKB	*
RA-21511		Beriev-200	Beriev		*
RA-76462		IL-76T		East Line
SE-BZP			Stinson V77	ex RAF FB536
SP-PSW			SW4	PZL Helis	600103
-			NH90		Eurocopter mock-up
XM556			SkeeterAOP12	preserved
* = also flying

29+20			MiG-29G		JG73, spec c/s          
38+34	                F-4F	        LeZ F-4F                
46+20	                Tornado IDS	MFG2,  spec c/s.
46+25	                Tornado ECR	JBG32           
50+73			C-160D		LTG62
50+78	                C-160D	        LTG62                   
70+44	                UH-1D	        LTG62                   
70+91	                UH-1D	        LTG62                   
71+97	                UH-1D	        HFWS                    
80+07	                Bo-105M	        HFWS                    
84+07	                CH-53G	        HFWS		10th only       
84+13	                CH-53G	        HFWS                    
84+21	                CH-53G	        HFWS                    
98+29	                EF2000	        WTD61                   
1383/67-AN		SA330B		EH01.067	9th only
1x			C-130J		AMI		dep 9th am
J-3081, J-3082, J-3083	F-5E		Patrouille Suisse
J-3086, J-3087		F-5E		Patrouille Suisse
J-3090, J-3091		F-5E		Patrouille Suisse
D-CDLH			Ju52/3M G2E	as "D-AQUI"
D-ELEB			CASA1.131E	ex SpAF E.3B-528
D-EROB			SV-4C		ex FAF 151
D-EWFG			Zlin-43		Flieger Revue
D-EWMC, D-EWMD		Zlin-42MU	Flieger Revue
D-EWNL, D-EWNT		Zlin-42MU	Flieger Revue
D-EWRO, D-EWRX		PZL-104		nn
D-EXIK			Extra 400	Extra
D-FHGK			AT-16		ex Swiss U-322         
D-FUKM	                An-2T		ex NVA 455             
D-FWJM	                An-2T		nn                     
D-HBZT	                Bell 212	Luftrettung Bdl
D-HOXQ	                Mi-8T		BSF (stored?)          
D-HZPD	                Mi-2S	        Polizei		9th only 
D-HZPK	                Mi-2S	        Polizei          
D-HZPN	                Mi-2S	        Polizei		10th only
G-AMPZ	                DC-3C	        Air Service      
G-MSTG			P-51D		"414419/F-LH"
HB-FOW			PC-12/45	Pilatus	411
HB-RBU	                P3-05	        ex Swiss A-846   
N51ES			F-51D		"472218/I-WZ"

Flying only:
50+71			C-160D		LTG62	9th
4x			Tornado IDS	MFG2	*
2x			Tornado IDS	MFG2	*	buddy-buddy refueling demo
LX-N90454		E-3A		NAEW&CF	9th

Hangar near Boeing 707 (open):
D-AETV			CL-604		Air Independence    
D-CETV	                Lj60	        Air Independence    
D-COWS	                Lj60	        Jet Connection      
OY-LJG	                Lj45	        Execujet Scandinavia
TC-MEK	                Lj60	        Cukorova            

D-AIPH			A320-211	Eurowings	11th

10+27			A310-304MRT	FBS BMVg
D-AELH	                F27-400		WDL             
D-CIMM	                Lj60		Jet Connection  
D-CMIC	                Ce560XL		Nixdorf         
D-EDNU	                Do27B-3		ex Germany 56+92
D-HARY			A109E		Heli Transair               
D-HECW	                EC135	        nn                  
D-HEHA	                EC120	        Euroheli            
D-HFCA	                R22	        Heliflight          
D-HHEA	                EC145	        Polizei Hessen      
D-HHVV	                Bell 412	ASB / HDM (Heliport)
D-HIFA	                MD902		IFA                         
D-HJSP	                Bell 407	Pabst Air           
D-HLTI	                EC155		BGS                         
D-HOZH	                Mi-8		stored                      
D-HPNA	                MD902		Poli. Niedersachsen         
D-HPRO	                Bell 407	Pro7 / HeliTeam Süd 
D-HQIX	                AS350B3		Helix                       
D-HUAX	                MD902	        Heli Unionair         
D-HZPL (c/n 569342085)	Mi-2	        pres, at Police HQ    
D-ILAT			Ce525		Liebherr-Aerospace
F-WQES			EC130	        nn                    
JY-ONE	                CL-604	        Jordan Gvmt, inside hangar
OE-XST	                EC120	        nn                    
D-HZPA,                 D-HZPI	        Mi-2S	Polizei	hangar
(V8-ACS)		A340-213X	stored

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