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Büchel 2007

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Date: 25 May 2007

Made by: Scramble


Static shelter area:
43+58, 45+19 		Tornado IDS 	JBG33
45+86, 45+94 		Tornado IDS 	JBG33
26+26 			F-104G 		i/a
99+03 			G-91R/3 	i/a

85+04 			CH-53G 		nmks
37+79 			F-4F 		JG71
44+69 			Tornado IDS 	AG51
46+29 			Tornado ECR 	JBG32
All visitors arrived between 8:30 and 9:30 hours and were
parked on the flightline. The CH-53 was already present and
returned after a local flight for a fuelstop.

Hangar shelter area:
45+44 			Tornado IDS 	JBG33
Plus three more, one of which was identified as 44+03 but this
was probably a mispole as according to other sources that
airframe has already been scrapped in 2005.

Hangar by tower:
45+78, 45+87, 45+90 	Tornado IDS 	JBG33
2x Tornado IDS nn

Preserved aircraft:
DC+319 			F-84F 		pres gate kaserne
(DD+354) "DC+101" 	F-84F 		pres gate
21+67 			F-104G 		pres gate
JD+395 			T-33A 		preserved
(94+34) "DC+382" 	T-33A 		preserved
43+70 			Tornado IDS 	pres gate

43+07, 44+26, 44+79 	Tornado IDS 	JBG33
45+00, 45+04, 45+21 	Tornado IDS 	JBG33
45+31, 46+02 		Tornado IDS 	JBG33

Aircraft towed:
43+.0 			Tornado IDS 	JBG33
This was probably 43+10.

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