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Strassbourg 1986

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Strassbourg (France)


29 June 1986

3741 F-4F JBG36  
84-1263/HR F-16A 496th TFS  
E88/8-MG Alpha Jet ET1/8 Also flying
117/307-SH Cap 10 EFIPN 307  
02/VV Cap 20 GI312  
F210/64-GJ C-160NG ET64 Also flying
A76/7-HL Jaquar A EC1/7  
649/33-CF Mirage F1CR ER1/33, desert c/s  
317 Mirage 3R ER1/33, spec c/s  
363/33-TL Mirage 3R ER3/33  
23/2-LH Mirage 2000 EC3/2  
94/VF N2501 ET.63  
72/315-WO TB-30 GI315  
53 S.Etendard 11F  
F-ZBDI/DI SA316B Security Civil 1878
361/33-TJ Mirage 3R ER3/33  
37577/33-CK RF-84F ER33  
304/33-TN Mirage IIIR ER33  
313/33-TK Mirage IIIR ER33  
354/33-TC Mirage IIIRD ER33  
367/33-TP Mirage IIIRD ER33  
368/33-TQ Mirage IIIRD ER33  
369/33-TR Mirage IIIRD ER33  
603/33-NR Mirage F.1CR ER2/33  
607/33-CP Mirage F.1CR ER1/33  
611/33-CA Mirage F.1CR ER1/33  
630/33-NL Mirage F.1CR ER2/33  
632/33-NM Mirage F.1CR ER2/33  
657/33-NS Mirage F.1CR ER2/33  
1013/ARA Puma SA330B ALAT  
84-1284/HR yellow F-16A 50 TFW  
E-22/7-PC Jaguar E    
E-38/7-PK Jaguar E    
In a Shed:
"364/33-TO" Mirgae IIIRD   To be confirmed
In a Shelter:
605/33-NF Mirage F.1CR ER33  
Shelter Area ER1/33:
611/33-CA Mirage F.1CR ER33  
613/33-CE Mirage F.1CR ER33  
620/33-CJ Mirage F.1CR ER33  
621/33-CM Mirage F.1CR ER33  
650/33-CG Mirage F.1CR ER33  
653/33-CB Mirage F.1CR ER33  
654/33-CL Mirage F.1CR ER33  
Shelter Area ER3/33:
340/2-ZH Mirage III3 ER3/33  
311/2-ZN Mirage III3 ER3/33  
349/2-ZO Mirage III3 ER3/33  
338/33-TM Mirage III3 ER3/33  
173/41-AL MH.1521 ELA.41  
Hangar 1 Contained:
643/33-NO Mirage F.1CR    
Hangar F contained:
2090/67-FA SA319B EH 67  
133/YP CAP 10B GI312  
322/33-T. Mirgae IIIR    
352/33-TA, Mirgae IIIRD    
356/33-TE Mirgae IIIRD    
370/33-TS Mirgae IIIRD    
Maintenance hangar:
603/33-NR Mirage F.1CR   ,
630/33-NL Mirage F.1CR    
632/33-NM Mirage F.1CR    
651/33-CI Mirage F.1CR    
657/33-NS Mirage F.1CR    
360/33-TI Mirage IIIRD    

Credits: Ronny Jansen

Update: 15 January 2023, Herbert Dederichs

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