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La Ferté-Alais 2023

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La Ferté-Alais (France)

La Ferté-Alais Meeting Aérien

27-28 May 2023

FA87 F-16AM    
ST15 SF260M+ CC Air  
ST16 SF260M+ CC Air  
ST20 SF260M+ CC Air  
ST25 SF260M+ CC Air  
ST36 SF260M+ CC Air  
55+03 C-130J-30 BATS 27/5 display
E168 F-UGFP/1 Alpha Jet E EPAA20.300/ PdF  
E81 F-UGFO/2 Alpha Jet E EPAA20.300/ PdF  
E45 F-TETF/3 Alpha Jet E EPAA20.300/ PdF  
E137 F-TELJ/4 Alpha Jet E EPAA20.300/ PdF  
E98 F-TEMF/5 Alpha Jet E EPAA20.300/ PdF  
E139 F-UGFC/6 Alpha Jet E EPAA20.300/ PdF  
E148 F-TELU/7 Alpha Jet E EPAA20.300/ PdF  
E113 F-TETD/8 Alpha Jet E EPAA20.300/ PdF  
1512/DBK SA330B CIH  
4142/GBW SA342M 3RHC  
113/4-IR Rafale C ETR03.004 27/5 display
6 Rafale M 17F  
35 Rafale M 17F special tail
40 Rafale M 17F special tail
.-…. Fieseler Fi 156C-3 Storch   in back of hangar (French Navy markings)
D-EPCI P3-05 Private ex A-859 Swiss Air Force
F-AYBF Bristol F2B (Replica) Royal Flying Corps as RFC E2262
F-AYBO Bü133C Private  
F-AYDR Fokker Dr.1 (Replica) Private WW1 Lufftwaffe
F-AYKG CASA 1.131E Jungmann Private as A-91 Swiss AF
F-AYNY Morane-Saulnier MS-60 Moth Private  
F-AYSD O-1E Bird Dog Private as French AF BIE
F-AYSL T-28B Private as 138343/212
F-AYVA O-1E Bird Dog Private as French AF
F-AYVF T-28B Private as 138360/KB-5 USN
F-AYYD TB-30 Epsilon CATS ex AdLA 113 (Carteouche Dore)
F-AZAH MS-315 Ed CATS as French AF 254
F-AZAJ Morane-Saulnier MS-138 Private  
F-AZAT T-6J Private as USAAF AF 53-4631
F-AZAV Albatros C2(Replica) Private Luftwaffe cs
F-AZAZ Morane-Saulnier MS-185 Private  
F-AZBA Bleriot XI (Replica) Private  
F-AZBE AT-6C-NT Private ex 41-33606 as 43-12127/TA127
F-AZBL AT-6D Private as USA 90669/TA
F-AZBQ T-6G Private as 115-237/OH French AF
F-AZBS Bü133C Private as SwissAF U-69
F-AZCA DH89 Private ex RAF X7381/"Z-CA"
F-AZCE Pilatus P2-06 Private as Luftwaffe >+7
F-AZCN Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5A Royal Flying Corps  
F-AZCQ T-6G Private ex USA 49-3037
F-AZCY SE.5A Replica Royal Flying Corps as RAF A8898
F-AZDB Polikarpov Po-2 Private as USSR 9
F-AZDP AD-4N Private ex 124143/RM-205 USN
F-AZDX B-17G AFV ex 448846/F-A USAAF
F-AZEG F4U-5NL Private as 124724 / P-22 (VC-3)
F-AZFN AD-4N Private as French AF 125716/22-DG
F-AZFP Spad XIII Private as FAF 3836
F-AZGB Harvard Mk IV Canadian Car & Foundry ex CAF 20384
F-AZIY N3202 Private ex FAF 15/ZIY
F-AZJF Hirth HI-27 Acrostar II Private as HB-MSA
F-AZJR Boeing E75N1 PT-13D Kaydet Private  
F-AZJS Spitfire Mk.XIX Private as PS890/UM-E
F-AZJU Ju-52/3m Private ex EdA T.2B-212
F-AZKM OV-10B ex W. German 99+24 as USMC 55454
F-AZKT MD311 Flamant ex W. German 99+24 as French AF 260/316-KT
F-AZKU Curtiss P-40N Kittyhawk Private as 42-105915
F-AZLL Lockheed 12A Private ex USAAF 2947
F-AZLM Fokker D.VII (Replica) Private WW1 Lufftwaffe
F-AZLY Yak-3UA Private as RusAF 5/wh
F-AZMB Caudron G-3 (Replica) Private as FAF
F-AZMS Morane-Saulnier H (Replica) Private  
F-AZNF Naval Aircraft Factory N3N-3 Private as USN 2909/69
F-AZNM Sopwith Strutter (Replica) Royal Flying Corps as FAF
F-AZOJ Harvard Mk IV Canadian Car & Foundry as USAAF 44
F-AZOX C-47B Private  
F-AZPG Bleriot XI (Replica) Private  
F-AZRA Fieseler Fi 156C-3 Storch Private WW2 Lufftwaffe 2E+RA
F-AZRB SNJ-5 Texan Private Ex C6-135/514-5 EdA, as 90747/PA-47 USN
F-AZRD AT-6D Private as USAF 59620/TA-620
F-AZRO T-6 / A6M Zero (mod) Private as Japanese Imperial Navy 3443
F-AZRP Morane-Saulnier MS-733 Private as French Navy 147/51S
F-AZSC AT-6D Private ex USA 41-34671 as TA-943
F-AZSG Yak-18A Private ex Egypt, as 15 wh Soviet Union AF
F-AZTT CASA 1.131E Jungmann Private  
F-AZVD Fokker DR.1 Triplane (Replica) Private as Luftwaffe 525/17
F-AZVN T-6G Private as 49-2983/RCAF-983 RCAF markings
F-AZVO Caudron 270 Luciole Private  
F-AZXB Donnet-Leveque C Private  
F-AZZM T-6G Private as ZERO look-alike JJ-170
F-AZZN BE-2F (Replica) Royal Flying Corps as 2560
F-BBEP Nord 1203 Norecrin II Private  
F-BCNL Morane-Saulnier MS-317 Private  
F-BCXD SNCAN Stampe SV-4A Private  
F-BEGD Piper J-3C-65 Cub Private as 43-815 R-26 US ARMY
F-BFBQ Piper J-3C-65 Cub Private  
F-BLOZ C-47A  Private ex 42-93251 USAAF
F-BORB Sportavia-Putzer RF-4D Private  
F-BPGV SOCATA MS-893A Private  
F-CHKX Centrair 101A Pegase Private  
F-CRRH Truckavaysse TCV-03 Private  
F-GDON CeF172P Private  
F-GHBV AS350B Private  
F-GHLQ Piper J-3C-65 Cub Private as USN 26359
F-GHSY Robin DR.400/140B Private  
F-GJSI Schweizer 269C Private  
F-GKMX PA-28-161 Private  
F-GMCY N-1101 Noralpha Private as 67/CY French AF
F-GPJS Stinson V-77 Reliant Private  
F-GUVP Diamond DA40D Star Private  
F-HADP Robin DR.400 Private  
F-HAGC Mooney M20A Mk.20A Private  
F-HANG R44 Raven II Private  
F-HARJ Ce172R Private  
F-HBKD EC120B HeliDax  
F-HBKH EC120B HeliDax  
F-HCJM Robin DR400/180 Private  
F-HGDU Cirrus SR20 Airbus Flight Academy Europe  
F-HIZI PT-18 Kaydet Private ex 40-1991 USAAF
F-HKCF Cirrus SR22 Airbus Flight Academy Europe  
F-HKPG R44 Raven Private  
F-HLEA T-6G Private ex C.6-188 EdA
F-HLKH Robin R.3000/160 Private  
F-HMEG AS350B2 Private  
F-HRFE Sportavia-Putzer RF-4D Private  
F-HSON Robin DR.400/140B Private  
F-HYHY EC130B4 Private  
F-PBCM Fairchild 24R-9 Private as USCG V162
F-PBRI Bü133C Private  
F-PBSE Bü131 Private  
F-PBVL Bü131 (Replica) Private  
F-PCTF Van's RV-4 Private  
F-PDEP Deperdussin T (Replica) Private  
F-PJBS Wag-Aero J3 Copy Cub Private  
F-PMCG WagAero Vagabond Private  
G-APUY Druine D.31 Turbulent Private  
G-APVZ Druine D.31 Turbulent Private  
G-ARMZ Druine D.31 Turbulent Private  
G-ASSY Druine D.31 Turbulent Private  
G-CCVH Curtiss Hawk 75A-1 Private as 82 French AF
G-SXIV Spitfire FR14E Private as RAF RM927/X
HB-KFB Robin HR.200/160 Private  
HB-RCF Morane-Saulnier D-3801 (MS-412) Private as J-143 Swiss AF
LX-RDH Murphy Rebel Private  
N1771B Boeing A75N1 Kaydet Private code 29
N2913B Beech D18S Private  
N2979S Ce411A Private  
N3084M Beech B36TC Bonanza Private  
N321MC Aviat Pitts S-2B Private  
N33543 Stinson AT-19 Reliant (V-77) Private NC33543
N3557W WACO PCF Private  
N43SV Boeing E75 Kaydet Private code 796
N4418 Curtiss-Wright Travel Air  
N66557 Boeing E75 Kaydet Private code 533
N68941 Boeing PT-17 Kaydet (B75N1) Private code 383
N9615V Mooney M20E Private  

Credits: Internet

Log is from 28 May

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