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Etain 1989

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Date: 25 June 1989

Made by: Rob de Bie

Updated: 22 June 2024, Jean-Michel Schweitzer;

1010/BZE	SA 330B		3RHC,FAr
1150/BZF	SA 330B	        3RHC,FAr
1037/BWD	SA 341F	        3RHC,FAr
1090/BWM	SA 341F	        3RHC,FAr
4023/BYI	SA 342M	        3RHC,FAr
4026/BXL	SA 342M	        3RHC,FAr
283/MUU 	MH 1521M	GSALAT,FAr
-		H-19	..


3RHC: SA 341F: 1672/BWG, 1501/BWI, 1266/BWJ, 1518/BWO, 1487/BWQ
      SA 342M: 4200/BYE, 3852/BYH
      SA 342M: 4055/BXB, 4053/BXK

SA341/342 codes: BYA, BYD, BWE ?, BYF

SA341/342 codes: BXA, BXD, BXE, BXF, BXG, BXH, 4032/BXI

SA341/342 codes: BWA, BWC/1452, 1384/BWF, BWM (not possible, BXM ?)
		 BXN, BXQ, BXT, 

1229/BZH	SA 330B		3RHC,FAr

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