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Kauhava 2008

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Date: 20/21 June 2008

Made by: Scramble


40 ye 			An-2T 		Estonia AF
707 			Su-22UM-3K 	7.elt
1602 			An-26 		13.eltr
05, 08, 10,15, 20, 25 	Su-27 		Russian Knights
VN-18, VN-29 		Vinka 		nn
RG-1, RG-8 		L-90TP 		nn
PC-5 			PA-31-350 	HävLLv 11
HW-306, HW-309 		Hawk Mk51 	HävLLv 41
HW-312, HW-319 		Hawk Mk51 	HävLLv 41
HW-322, HW-328 		Hawk Mk51 	HävLLv 41
HW-331, HW-334 		Hawk Mk51 	HävLLv 41
HW-355 			Hawk Mk51A 	HävLLv 41
HN-424, HN-450 		F-18C 		HävLLv 31
HS-14 			Mi-8T 		HekoP
NH-203 			NH90-TTH 	1.HK/HekoP
OH-FMM 			CM170 		ex FM-51
OH-HVH 			AB412HP 	Frontier Guard
OH-MVO 			Do228-212 	Frontier Guard
OH-LVA 			A319-112 	Finnair
RA-86900 		IL-76 		Aeroflot

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