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San Isidro 2002

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Date: 3 November 2002

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R98/61-ZP		C-160R		  ET00.061          
149708/(GF-13)		UH-3H	          VC-8              
6575			HH-65A	          USCG Borinquen    
1800, 1802, 1803	T-35	          FAD San Isidro    
1804, 1806, 1807	T-35	          FAD San Isidro    
3014			OH-6A	          Rescate San Isidro
3020			SA318C	          Rescate San Isidro
3029			SA365C	          FAD San Isidro    
3031			UH-1H	          Rescate San Isidro
3500, 3501, 3502	C212-400	  FAD San Isidro    
3707			OA-37B		  FAD San Isidro    
EN-1845, EN-1847	R22		  Ejerjito Nacional 
EN-1844			R44		  Ejerjito Nacional 
N15PE			MiG-15bis	  as "15 white"     
N30CJ "52-3711"		CL-13B		  ex RCAF 23504     
N44RF		        T-34B	          nn                
N53JA		        T-34A	          ex 53-3340        
N116RL		        CJ-6A	          nn 3051222        
N134TD		        T-34B	          ex 140745         
N256Y		        O-2A	          ex 68-11029       
N400LL		        T-34B	          ex 144093         
N5367G		        T-34B	          ex 140909         
N12252		        T-34A	          ex 55-0147        
HI-713CT	        L-410	          Air Caribbean     
LV-ZPD		        Ce550	          nn                
N601WT		        RC690	          nn                
1x			Curtiss Wright 19 preserved

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