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Zadar-Zemunik 1996

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Date: 5 August 1996

Made by: Strobe, Kevin Hall, Heinz Berger

Updated: 3 November 2002

9A-BOF  	An-2 		27 Esk
9A-BAG 		PA-23 		nn
9A-DHF  	UTVA-75 	Peresin Air Force Academy, 1st Squadron
????       	UTVA-75 	Peresin Air Force Academy, 1st Squadron (unmarked camo)
9A-CAC/33	CL-215
021    		AN 32B		27 Esk
052		PC-9		Peresin Air Force Academy
053		PC-9		Peresin Air Force Academy
H-101  		Mi-8    	20 Esk
115   		MiG-21bis  	22 Esk
162/T		MiG-21UM  	22 Esk (c/n 516999207)
H-206  		Mi-8TV-1  	20 Esk
H-304  		Mi-24V  	29 Esk (c/n 3532422912747)
H-452  		MD-500D
601  		Jastreb  	(ex Bosnian Serb)
661  		Galeb    	(ex Bosnian Serb)
701  		Kraguj   	(ex Bosnian Serb)

9A-BAB   	An-32B		27 Esk
9A-BLY   	Sabreliner  	(Croation Govt)
9A-CRO  	Challenger  	(Croation Govt)
9A-CAB/22	CL-215		Ministry of Interior, fire fighting squadron
051  		PC-9  		Peresin Air Force Academy
H-105  		Mi-8T   	20 Esk
H-151  		Mi-8     	20 Esk
H-205		Mi-8TV-1	20 Esk
H-211		Mi-8TV-1	20 Esk
H-212		Mi-8TV-1	20 Esk
H-214		Mi-8TV-1	20 Esk
H-215		Mi-8TV-1	20 Esk
H-303   	Mi-24V   	29 Esk (c/n 3532424117763)

6x  		MiG-21bis 	
4x  		Mi-8 		
1x  		Mi-24V 		
8x (at least)	UTVA-75		in hangar

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