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Varazdin 2005

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Date: 2/3 July 2005

Made by: Branko Cesljas


Static and flying:
055           	Pilatus PC-9M 			Croatian AF 
065           	Pilatus PC-9M 			Croatian AF 
H-213       	Mi-8MTV-1 			Croatian AF 
9A-HDB   	Bell 206B-3 JetRanger III 	MUP (Croatian Police) 
9A-HBM  	Agusta-Bell 212 		MUP (Croatian Police) 
S5-DGC   	Zlin 242L			Slovenian Air Force 
L6-02       	Pilatus PC-6B 			Slovenian Air Force 
OE-KDI    	Diamond DA-40TDI Diamond Star 
OE-KAI    	Diamond DA-40TDI Diamond Star 
OE-DET    	Diamond DA-40TDI Diamond Star 
9A-BTC    	Let L-410UVP-E 			Trade Air 
9A-CDZ    	Reims F172L Skyhawk 
9A-DAO   	Cessna-Reims F.172M Skyhawk 
9A-CCG    	Cessna-Reims F.150L 
9A-DAI    	Diamond DA-20A-1 Katana 
9A-DFK    	Cessna-Reims F.172N Skyhawk II 
9A-EMZ   	Robin R.1180TD Aigion 
9A-DDM   	Cessna 310Q 
9A-DBV    	Scheibe SF-25C Falke 
9A-DIT     	Cessna 150 Aerobat 
9A-CGZ    	Morane-Saulnier MS.893E Rallye 180GT 
9A-GPD    	Pilatus B4-PC11AF ( Glider ) 
9A-  ?        	(Glider ) 
S5-PCP     	Pipistrel Virus 
S5-DHI     	Cessna 150M 
S5-DPP     	Extra 300L 

Flying only:
L9-69   	Pilatus PC-9M  			Slovenian Air Force 
?              	MiG-21bis 			Croatian AF 

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