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Phnom-Penh 2019

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Phnom-Penh (Cambodia)

Air & Tech Show

13-15 December 2019

26 L-39C   132038
7102 MiG-21bis   75096289
MH-822 Mi-8PS    
MH-906 Z-9   Z9-0668
MH-910 Z-9   Z9-0670
MT-302 MA60   087III15
RCAF-027 Mi-8T    
RCAF-602 Y-12 II   084
XU-015 AS355N   5622
J7-2/43/23112 Alpha Jet RTAF/231sq  
J7-7/43/23115 Alpha Jet RTAF/231sq  
(H11-6/59)/20306 EC725 RTAF/203sq  
XU-145 H145   20249
HS-MAR DA42    
N135HT EC135P3    
N3918Y G450 Nagaworld Casinos  
N520SH AS365N3    
MH-901 H425   Z9-0662
MH-902 H425   Z9-0663
MH-903 H425   Z9-0665
MH-904 H425   Z9-0666 wreck
MH-905 H425   Z9-0667
MH-907 H425   Z9-0673
MH-911 H425   Z9-0671
MH-802 Mi-17    
MH-803 Mi-17    
Mi-8/17   cabin only
RCAF-601 Y-12 II   083 stored engineless, poor condition
XU-035 AW109S HeliStar Cambodia 22731
XU-045 AW109S HeliStar Cambodia 22732
XU-098 EC135P2 Union Development Group  
RCAF-026 Mi-8T    
XU-288 AS350B3 HeliStar Cambodia 8289
XU-789 EC130T2    
Elsewhere (operational):
MT-301 MA60    
MH-824 Mi-8    
Stored on ramp:
25/MT-302 L39C   132135
27/132035 L39C    
28/MT-305 L39C    
530546 L39C   530546
7106 MiG-21bis    
MH-268 Mi-26T    
MH-269 Mi-26T    
Stored on grass/ramp:
7101 MiG-21bis   75096284
7104 MiG-21bis   75096246
7105 MiG-21bis   75096238
7107 MiG-21bis   75096253
7109 MiG-21bis   75096261
7110 MiG-21bis   75096424
7111 MiG-21bis   75096328
7112 MiG-21bis   75096320
7115 MiG-21UM   516999470
7116 MiG-21bis   75097417
7117 MiG-21bis   75097442
7119 MiG-21bis   75097461
7120 MiG-21bis   75097468
7121 MiG-21bis   75097504
MO-401 P92    
P92   derelict
Stored elsewhere (11.556015, 104.849412):
ML-501 BN-2A-21   The Islander was not seen, but should be hidden in an all white colourscheme on the north of the airfield.
Airliners parked/stored:
XU-001, XU-002 MA60 Cambodia Bayon Airlines  
XU-070, XU-071 Y7-100C ex Royal Phnom Penh AL wfu
XU-112, XU-113 A320-214 Bassaka Air  
XU-311 An-24RV ex PMT Air  
XU-RKH B737-232 ex Royal Khmer AL wfu

Credits: Tom Milliken, Jean Marc Braun

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