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Sofia 2023

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Sofia (Bulgaria)

Army Day Parade

6 May 2023

Flying only:
710 AS532AL 24.VAB  
901 AS565MB OMVA “Chayka”  
71 C-27J 16.Trab  
72 C-27J 16.Trab  
147 L-39ZA UAGr. “G. Benkovski”  
205 L-39ZA UAGr. “G. Benkovski”  
68 L-410UVP-E3 16.Trab  
69 L-410UVP-E3 16.Trab  
419 Mi-17 24.VAB  
421 Mi-17 24.VAB With flag
144 Mi-24V 24.VAB  
12 Mig-29UB 3.IAB  
31 Mig-29A 3.IAB  
38 Mig-29A 3.IAB  
667 PC-9M UAGr. “G. Benkovski”  
668 PC-9M UAGr. “G. Benkovski”  
95 Su-25UB 22.ShtAB  
252 Su-25K 22.ShtAB  
253 Su-25K 22.ShtAB  


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