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Sofia 2014

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Sofia-Vrazdebna Air show
Date: 11 October 2014
An airshow at the combined civil and military airport of Sofia featured a substantial part of the active Bulgarian Air Force fleet.
27 An-2 HQ Flt  
70 An-26 stored  
55 An-30 16.TrAB  
16 MiG-29A 3.IAB  
28 MiG-21UM 3.IAB  
240 Su-25K 22.ShtAB  
666 PC-9M UAGr. “G. Benkovski”  
20 PC-12/45 16.TrAB  
71 C-27J 16.TrAB  
69 L-410UVP-E3 stored  
203 L-39ZA UAGr. “G. Benkovski”  
706 AS532AL 24.VAB  
520 AW139 Border Police  
LZ-CEA A109K-2    
Static, inside Heliair Hangar:
LZ-ABP Pa34-200T    
LZ-ASM Mi-8P ex 308 BuAF  
LZ-CCW L-410UVP-E a/w  
LZ-CEB A109K-2    
LZ-LSB L-410UVP-E2 stored  
LZ-MNG L-410UVP stored  
114, 243, 358 MiG-21bis 3.IAB  
12, 33 MiG-29UB 3.IAB  
23, 26 MiG-29A 3.IAB  
246 Su-25K 22.ShtAB  
95 Su-25UBK 22.ShtAB  
137, 202, 205 L-39ZA UAGr. “G. Benkovski”  
417, 418, 419 Mi-17 24.VAB  
704, 711, 712 AS532UL 24.VAB  
01, 03 Bell 206B 24.VAB  
072, 073 C-27J 16.TrAB  
667, 668 PC-9M UAGr. “G. Benkovski”  
VIP platform:
LZ-AOB A319-111 Aviootryad 28  
LZ-BMB A109 Border Police dep10  
LZ-CAT Mi-8 Aviootryad 28  
LZ-OOI Falcon 2000 Aviootryad 28  
Stored military apron:
070, 080, 087 An-26 stored  
063, 065 L-410UVP stored  
066, 067 L-410UVP-E stored  
064, 068 L-410UVP-E3 stored  
503, 504, 505 Mi-2 stored  
1x Mi-8 stored, no tail  
LZ-LDG MD83 a/w  
Show Entrance, storage Scorpion Air:
TR-LIE An-26 blue c/s  
TR-LIN An-26 ex 209 HuAF a/w  
LZ-ASG DA40D    
LZ-MSH Mi-2    
LZ-SAB SF340 Air Scorpio  
LZ-RML L-410UVP-E3 ex 1828 RuAF  
LZ-RMV L-410UVP-E    
LZ-RMW L-410UVP-E8A    
Including three Ka-32AO’s, one of them was damaged
TEREM platform:
LZ-ITV Be B200    
LZ-TUZ Tu134A-3 Balkan, Training aid  
LZ-... Ka-32 blue/yellow c/s  
TR-LID An-26 ex 203 HuAF, blue c/s  
2x An-26 no mks, grey c/s  
Inside the Terem Hangar a BAe146 and a P180 could be seen.
Storage west side taxi tracks:
HA-TCU An-26 Aviavilsa  
LZ-DAL BAe146-200A Daallo Airlines  
2x BAe146 HEMUS AIR  
1x ATR42 a/w  
Stored Lufthansa Technik area:
LZ-DOB Yak-40 a/w  
2x BAe146    
1x Tu-134    
1x Yak-40 Hemus air c/s  


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