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Krumovo 2011

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Date: 2-4 September 2011
Static display
MM7293/36-33 EF2000 36°St  
MM7310/36-32 EF2000 36°St  
702 AS523AL 24.VAB  
1 Bell 206B-3 24.VAB  
24 MiG-29A 3.IAB  
73 C-27J 16.TrAB  
419 Mi-17 std  
140 Mi-24V std  
243 MiG-21bis 3.IAB  
240 Su-25K 22.ShtAB  
666 PC-9M 12.UAB  
LZ-M34 Lazarov Laz-7M preserved  
514 A109E Border Police  
27 T-6A Texan II 120 PEA  
51+00 C-160D LTG 62  
YR-GAA GA-8 AirVan Romanian Airclub  
91-0352/SP F-16CM 480th FS “52 FW”
91-0366/SP F-16CM 480th FS “480 FS”
LZ-DBB Tecnam P-92 nn  
YR-EWE, YR-EWF Extra 300L nn  
YR-EWH Extra 300L nn  
YR-EWI Extra 300L nn code 3  
YR-EXA Extra 330SC nncode 1  
LZ-DBD TB10-180 nn  
LZ-DBE Pipistrel Sinus nn Icarus
LZ-DBV Tecnam P-92S nn  
LZ-EDY R44 nn  
LZ-EKI Jabiru 160C nn  
LZ-EXP Extra nn  
LZ-KLS Zenair CH-601 nn  
LZ-MMS Flight Design CTLS    
LZ-SVI PA-28-201T nn  
LZ-TSA TL-2000 nn  
OK-MUA-83 ULV nn  
The Italian Eurofighters and USAF F-16s were towed to the flightline when needed for display. The atmosphere was quite relaxed and attending pilots were very friendly and open about their activities.
Flying only
72 C-27J 16.TrAB  
418, 421 Mi-17 24.VAB  
667 PC-9M 12.UAB  
701, 712 AS523UL 24.VAB  
358, 392 MiG-21bis 3.IAB  
95 Su-25UBK 22.ShtAB  
LZ-FBB A319-112 Bulgaria Air  
The Bulgarian Air Force showed an Air Power Demonstration. Aircraft participating in the display were based at Graf Ignatievo and did not land at Krumovo after the performance.
11, 14 MiG-29UB 3.IAB  
417 Mi-17 24.VAB  
30+06, 30+39 EF2000 JG74  
156 MiG-29OVT MiG-OKB  
39220/220, 39254/254 JAS39C nn  
39816/816, 39829/829 JAS39D nn  
717 IAR-99C S.A.p.F.A.  
A-912, A-915, A-919 PC-7 PC-7 Team  
A-922, A-926, A-927 PC-7 PC-7 Team  
A-930, A-933, A-936, A-940 PC-7 PC-7 Team  
24.VAB area:
703, 711 AS532AL 24.VAB  
2 Bell 206B-3 24.VAB  
125, 127, 128, 129, 131 Mi-24D std  
133, 134, 135, 136, 136 Mi-24D std  
141, 144, 146 Mi-24V std  
410, 412, 413, 416, 420,421 Mi-17 std  
431, 432, 434 Mi-17PP std  
Although some of the Mi-24 pilots were very hopeful, it seems that the flying days of this machine in the Bulgarian Air Force are over. Nevertheless, the Mi-24 unit still exists waiting for better days with new or upgraded helicopters. Prior to BIAF several former Canadian Forces Mi-17s were delivered to the Bulgarian Air Force, but it was reported that these will be used for ground instruction only.
Area behind gate
1 Mi-1 pres  
44 Mi-4 pres  
203 Mi-2 pres  
301 Mi-8T pres  
52 Mi-4 pres  
LZ-ANE An-24 pres hangar
818 Su-22M-4 pres  
4487 ?? Biplane pres  
LZ-K19 Polikarpov PO-2 pres  
LZ-M34 Lazarov Laz-7M pres  
-20 MiG-21PF pres  
-12 Mi-1 pres  
1 Antonov A-11 pres  
3 Arado 196A3 pres  
5 MiG-21US pres  
10 L-200D pres  
11 L-29 pres  
20 L-200D pres  
21 MiG-17PF pres  
21 MiG-23UB pres  
22 MiG-17PF pres  
23 Yak 23 pres  
25 An-2M pres  
27 Tu-2T pres  
30 Lim 5R pres  
43 Il-28R pres  
45 Yak-23 pres  
50 MiG-23BN pres  
(0)51 Mi-4A pres  
52 MiG-21MF pres  
53 Mi-4A pres  
(5)5 Yak-11 pres  
71 MiG-17F pres  
79 MiG-23BN pres glider
97 Il-14T pres  
101 Mi-24D pres  
110 An-14 pres  
150 MiG-17F pres  
202 MiG-15UTI pres also 308
206 Su-22UM-3K pres  
209 Mi-2 pres  
302 Mi-8T pres  
390 MiG-23MLD pres  
501 MiG-21F-13 pres  
506 MiG-19P pres  
613 MiG-21M pres  
670 MiG-23MF pres  
812 Mi-14BT pres  
818 Su-22M-4 pres  
882 MiG-19S pres  
936 MiG-19PM pres  
308134/4 ?? pres 67460 under wing
1-4-7058 ?? pres bare metal
30 MiG-19S pres  
-62 L-410UVP pres  
(LZ-5017) Mi-1 pres  
LZ-011 Zlin Z-326A pres  
LZ-130 PZL-101 pres  
LZ-501 Yak-50 pres  
(CCCP-13381) Li-2T pres hangar
63-899/8-899 CF-104G pres hangar
02 red Yak-52 pres  
?? Mignet HM-14 pres  
LZ-COA CA-6 ?? pres  
LZ-IKR Dar Dar 1A pres  
?? Z-37 Cmelak pres  
?? Ka-26 pres  
LZ-ASF C-150L pres  
133 MiG-15UTI std  
54 Mi-4A std  
1x MiG-15 bis std  
1x MiG-15 bis std  
5x MiG-17 std  
1x Mi-4 std  
132 Mi-24D std  
Civil Terminal:
2702 C-27J Flotila 90 Transport  
T-720 Beech 1900D Swiss Air Force  
(RA-)11529 An-12BK Airstars  
LZ-CAT Mi-8S Bulgarian Gvmt.  
D-BJET Do328-310 Private Wings  
EI-DYM B737-8AS RyanAir  
EI-EFI B737-8AS RyanAir  
OE-FMU Ce525 Salzburg Jet Aviation  
SP-KPL Saab 340A Sprint Air  
YR-TYA Ce560XL Toyo Aviation  
LZ-ABV Ce550 VBC Air  
LZ-AIR Pitts S-2A nn  
LZ-MAR M-235 nn  
LY-MAA, LY-MJR, LY-MMR L-410-UVP std  
LY-MRN L-410-UVP std  
LZ-ARA Ce150 nn near hangar  
LZ-ARB Ce172RG nn near hangar  


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