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Graf Ignatievo 2022

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Graf Ignatievo (Bulgaria)

Air show

25 June 2022

88-0425/AV F-16CM 31FW/555FS   
88-0526/AV F-16CM 31FW/555FS  
027 An-2 HQ Flt KTA  
707 AS532AL 24.VAB  
901 AS565MB OMVA  
243 MiG-21bis Stored  
28 MiG-21UM Stored  
18 MiG-29A Stored  
23 MiG-29A 3.IAB  
664 PC-9M UAGr.  
020 PC-12M 16.TrAB  
240 Su-25K 22.ShtAB  
LZ-AFA Zlin 242L UAGr.  
Ramp near public area:
15 MiG-29A 3.IAB  
31 MiG-29A 3.IAB  
905 AS365N3 OMVA  
701 AS532AL 24.VAB   
711 AS532AL 24.VAB   
03 Bell 206B 24.VAB  
071 C-27J 16.TrAB  
072 C-27J 16.TrAB  
209 L-39ZA UAGr.  
068 L-410UVP-E3 16.TrAB  
069 L-410UVP-E3 16.TrAB  
418 Mi-17 24.VAB  
419 Mi-17 24.VAB  
14 MiG-29UB 3.IAB  
33 MiG-29UB 3.IAB  
37 MiG-29A 3.IAB  
38 MiG-29A 3.IAB (Spare for 37)
663 PC-9M UAGr.  
665 PC-9M UAGr.  
002 Su-25UBK 22.ShtAB  
249 Su-25K 22.ShtAB  
602 Zlin-242L UAGr.  
102 Mi-17IV Afghanistan AF +1

Credits: Anton Balakchiev

Updates: 25/8/2022 Henk de Vries

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