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Graf Ignatievo 2007

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Date: 1 June 2007

Made by: Scramble


Static/flightline (* = also flying):
27, 29* 		MiG-21UM 		3 IAB
114 			MiG-21bis 		3 IAB
119, 243*, 392, 427 	MiG-21bis(SAU) 		3 IAB
12*, 33* 		MiG-29UB 		3 IAB
15*, 18*, 22, 24* 	MiG-29 			3 IAB
TZ-404 			Mi-24D 			Mali AF

26 			An-2
85 			L-29
199 			MiG-15UTI
56 			MiG-17F
- 			MiG-19P 		as "96"
4 			MiG-19S
66 			MiG-21PFM
63 			MiG-23BN
42 			Yak-23 			as "51"
A small open day was organised at Graf Ignatievo to celebrate
the annual Bulgarian ‘Children’s Day’. The static contained just
three aircraft (a MiG-21bis, MiG-21UM and MiG-29), but the
flying display was a bit better with a MiG-21bis, MiG-21UM
and MiG-29UB in the first wave and three MiG-29s and
MiG-29UB in the second. All aircraft used the taxi-track in front
of the public, so that was good for the photographers. The
flying consisted of some touch-and-goes and a dogfight between
two MiG-29s at high altitude. The Bulgarian aircraft were
already enough reason to pay a visit to this small open day, but
the show also had a very nice extra surprise: a Mi-24 of Mali.
This chopper was moved out of one of the maintenance
hangars and made a few engine runs, probably for a predelivery

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