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Santa Cruz 2013

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Santa Cruz-El Trompillo   90 Anniversario de la FAB

Date: 12 October 2013

CP-2791 MD-10-30F TAB  
Flight lines/flying parade:
FAB-183 A122(A) GAE21  
FAB-754 AS350B3 GA51  
FAB-045 BAe31 nmks  
FAB-031 Beech 58P GAC31 grey c/s
FAB-011 Beech 200C GA51  
FAB-130, FAB-134 CeA152 nmks  
FAB-137 CeA152 nmks  
FAB-203 CeU206G GREA83  
FAB-281, FAB-320 CeU206G GAT62  
FAB-337, FAB-366 CeU206G GA64  
FAB-361 CeU206G GAT72  
FAB-373 CeU206G GA61  
FAB-380 CeU206G nmks  
FAB-382 CeU206G GAC32  
FAB-354 Ce210 GAC32  
FAB-362 Ce210 GAC34  
FAB-367 Ce210 nmks  
FAB-370 Ce210 GADA67  
FAB-520, FAB-521 DA40CS GAE21  
FAB-522, FAB-523 DA40CS GAE21  
FAB-524, FAB-525 DA40CS GAE21  
FAB-526, FAB-527 DA40CS GAE21  
FAB-528 DA40CS GAE21  
FAB-003, FAB-004 EC145 GA51  
FAB-034 EMB810D GA41 Gavilán
FAB-540 Foxtrot 4 CITA grey c/s
FAB-708, FAB-745 UH-1H GA51 grey c/s
FAB-748, FAB-750 UH-1H GA51 grey c/s
FAB-756 UH-1H GA51  
FAB-727 UH-1H GA51  
FAB-660, FAB-661 K-8VB GAC34  
FAB-662, FAB-663 K-8VB GAC34  
FAB-664, FAB-665 K-8VB GAC34  
FAB-502, FAB-504 Neiva 621 GAE21  
FAB-506 Neiva 621 GAE21  
FAB-453 PC-7 GAC32 $
FAB-467, FAB-470 PC-7 GAC32  
FAB-760, FAB-761 R44 GAE22  
FAB-762, FAB-763 R44 GAE22  
FAB-764, FAB-765 R44 GAE22  
FAB-612, FAB-639 T-33AN GAC31  
FAB-920 VT-34A GAE21 Tiluchi
FAB-542 Tango 2 CITA  
EB-121 R44 CAE-1  
PB-001, PB-002 R44 SAP Santa Cruz  
CP-2129 Ce402C DGAC  
CP-2494 Beech E90 nn  
CP-2526 Beech C90B Bolivia Transportes Intles  
CP-2589 RC690D Aeroeste  
CP-2600 Beech 350 DGAC  
CP-2710 RC690D Pegaso  
Flying parade only:
FAB-111 B727-224 GAT71/TAM  
FAB-114 B737-230 GAT71/TAM  
FAB-116 B737-2Q3 GAT71/TAM  
FAB-018 Beech 200C GAC31  
FAB-74 CL-66B GAT71/TAM  
FAB-90 F27-400M GAT71/TAM  
FAB-97 MA60 GAT71/TAM  
CP-2489 DC-10-10F TAB  
GAE21 hangar:
FAB-501, FAB-503 Neiva 621 std  
(2x) T-34 std  
(2x) Cessna std  
GAC32 hangar:
FAB-625 T-33AN GAC32  
FAB-627, FAB-631 T-33AN GAC32  
FAB-637 T-33AN GAC32  
GA51 area:
FAB-65 C-130B GAT71  
FAB-326, FAB-338 CeU206G GA51  
FAB-384 CeU206G GA51  
“CP-1489”, CP-2493 +1 CeU206G impounded grey c/s
FAB-703 UH-1H GA51 grey c/s hangar
FAB-713, FAB-757 UH-1H GA51 hangar
FAB-726, FAB-729 UH-1H GA51  
FAB-001 Falcon 900EX GAT71 visit
FAB-101 BAe146-200 GAT71/TAM visit
FAB-113 B737-2Q3 GAT71/TAM visit
EB-003 Beech C90 CAE-1  
CP-1625 Ce414A AeroNorte ex-Aerosur
CP-2154 PA-31-350 derelict ex-Aerosur
CP-2246 L-410UVP-E derelict  
CP-2328, CP-2349 L-410UVP-E Aeroeste  
CP-2382, CP-2393 L-410UVP-E Aeroeste ex-SAVE
CP-2405 BAe3101 derelict  
CP-2479 F27F Alas del Sur  
CP-2706 Bell 212 Heliamerica  
CITA hangar:
1x Foxtrot 4 under construction  
FAB-156, FAB-155 A.122(A) dumped  
FAB-164, FAB-178 A.122(A) dumped  
FAB-185, FAB-187 A.122(A) dumped  
FAB-189, FAB-190 A.122(A) dumped  
FAB-191 +1 A.122(A) +1 dumped  
FAB-122 +1 Ce172K dumped  
FAB-906, FAB-908 +1 T-34A dumped  
FAB-668, FAB-904 T-34B dumped  
FAB-921, FAB-927 VT-34A dumped  
2790, 4703, 7246 VT-34A dumped  
FAB-169 A.122(A) pres gateguard  
FAB-174 A.122(A) pres north side park  
FAB-15 PT-17 pres ColMilAv  
FAB-700 UH-1H pres GA51 area  
FAB-720 UH-1H pres north side park  


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