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Cochabamba 2007

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Date: 21 October 2007

Made by:


Static (h = in hangar display):
FAB86 		C212 		TAM 		c/n AV2-2-70
FAB021 		Ce402C 		SNA
CP-1376 	C-130H 		TAB 		c/n 4759
FAB730 		HB315B 		GA51 		c/n 2543/HB2003
FAB740 		HB315B 		GA51 		h
FABX02 		Lancair 360 	nb, bl/y c/s 	h
FAB452 		PC-7 		nb
FAB453 		PC-7 		GAC34
FAB456 		PC-7 		GAC34 		h
FAB461 		PC-7 		GAC34 		h
FAB471, FAB472 	PC-7 		GAC34 		h
FAB747 		SE3160 		GA51 		c/n 1349
FAB631 		T-33A 		GAC32/CEPAC

FAB450 		PC-7 		stored
FAB451 		PC-7 		stored
FAB457 		PC-7 		stored
FAB746 		SE3160 		dumped 		c/n 1432
FAB411 		T-28 		preserved

Of the PC-7s, FAB452/453/471/472 were camouflaged, the
others were white. FAB452 and FAB456 had shark teeth
markings, FAB450 and 461 wore old Grupo AĆ©reo de
Entrenamiento markings and FAB452 had no markings at all
(apart from the aforementioned shark teeth.) The Trojan might
be FAB411 which used to be at Santa Cruz but was not seen
there the previous week.

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